Shiho Kitazawa

Birthday:Jan 18
Blood Type:A
Hometown: Tokyo Height: 161 cm The lone wolf of the MILLION STARS Shiho is in many ways similar to Shizuka from their cold and stoic looks their harsh treatment towards the Producer and even down to their family problems. Shiho wants to work alone or at least doesnt want to rely on others if she can help it. However eventually she begins to defrost and view the other members of 765 Pro as family after they treat her kindly. Shihos personality is from a lack of a fatherly presence since early childhood. His absence forced Shiho to help her busy mother take care of her little brother which made her used to doing things by herself. Shiho became an idol to get a job to support her family and dreams. She admired idols because they remind her of the princesses in these. Shiho also loves plushies so its noted often that shes still a child that had to grow up a little too fast. Even though she acts distant she does have a sweet side although she mostly shows it to her little brother who is named Riku nicknamed Rikkun.