Naruse Shou

Namaiki Zakari
Shou Naruse has dark brown hair with dark brown eyes. He is very straightforward and arrogant. He doesnt care what other people think of him. He is very tall and he has piercings on both of his ears. He is the ace player of the Ryuhoku Highs basketball team and has been a basketball player since he was 6 years old. He was tall since he was a kid so he was considered as the most important player in their team even though he plays the game with little efforts. He likes his manager Yuki. When he first met Yuki a girl pushed him which caused his hand to land on Yukis breasts and said that her breasts were really big. The two then encountered each other more since Shou joined the schools Basketball Team where Yuki is the manager. He started following Yuki more since he was interested in her. He said that he could understand Yuki and see through her. He was the only one who found out that Yuki had a crush on Kido. On Shous last game as a first year Yuki was nervous and in the bench she said Naruse Ill spank your butt if you let go of that ball which made Shou more confident while playing and scored even though they didnt win. Later Shou confessed to Yuki and said I like you then kisses her.