Iona Urasoe

浦添 伊緒奈, Kuro, Yuki

Iona is a senior student and a fashion model. She and Akira both work in the same modeling agency. Like Akira, she is also a WIXOSS Selector and has the ability to sense what a Selector's wish is. She considers any Selector who doesn't have any wishes as blasphemous and would not waste her time battling against them. Her LRIG card is Urisu.

Her wish is to become the LRIG of a powerful Selector. When her wish is granted, she became Ruuko's LRIG, replacing Tama.

She is one of the first two original LRIGs created by Mayu and also a part of Mayu herself. Her original name given to her by Mayu was Kuro. Later, Ruuko gave her the name Yuki.