Matsuri Mizusawa

Matsuri is a secondyear in middle school and Yuzus childhood friend who lived close to her before she moved to the Aihara residence. Matsuri makes her first appearance in chapter 8. She is a pretty girl who is always seen with a pair of headphones around her neck. being very sly and fake toward an unidentified friend. She comes across Yuzu and Harumin at an arcade and invites them out to karaoke. Harumin is appears to be quite wary and suspicious of her. Upon deducing the nature of Yuzus feelings toward Mei Matsuri professes a romantic interest in Yuzu and kisses her in front of Mei. She sells masturbation videos she finds on the Internet to old men through a phone app and tells them they are hers as a means of income. She considers men to be dense and believes that all can be manipulated easily.