Megumi Katou

加藤恵, Megumi Kano, Meguri
Birthday:Sep 23
Height: 160 cm 53 Occupation: Student / Assistant Director / Main Heroine Hobbies: Shopping Megumi Kato is the classmate of Tomoya Aki who is hardly noticed by others. After Tomoya had met her during the fate summons she inspired him to make a dating sim game featuring her as his Main Heroine. However he is disappointed by her real personality. She is one of the main characters of the Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata series and is essentially the inspiration for the series title. Appearance: Megumi is a cute girl with straight shoulderlength chestnutbrown hair that is usually worn down but it is long enough to be tied up into a ponytail dark brown eyes and she is described to have perfect proportions. Megumi is usually seen with her school uniform or else casual clothes which Tomoya describes as just normal. She occasionally wears a variation of the summer dress she wore when Tomoya first met her which was designed by Eriri Spencer Sawamura to provide a better picture of how her character should look. The white beret that she wore was given to a relative much to Tomoyas disappointment but she is later seen wearing the same one possibly meaning that she recovered it. Megumi grows her hair out starting the day she and Tomoya met after the incident at Detective Hill. After six months she has her hair tied in a ponytail but Tomoya notices that it has grown significantly longer. A year later she has her hair grown out to roughly the length of Utaha Kasumigaoka and keeps it in a similar style. However she later cuts it back to its original length telling Tomoya that it had awoken a vengeful spirit inside of her referencing her recent conflict with him but Tomoya believes she cut her hair again to help motivate him. Personality: Unlike Eriri and Utaha Megumi is portrayed as an ordinary girl with no distinctive character and she is extremely normal where she is so plain that Tomoya failed to realize that he was actually classmates with her. She is described as stealthy due to her lack of presence and the others often forget that she is even in the same room. However Megumi is a kind and softspoken girl that wants the best for others and she constantly goes out of her way for Tomoya and the others to help in any way that she can. She knows little about otaku culture but never keeps Tomoya at arms length and gives into his approaches from the start. She has strong ideas regarding friendship and feels easily slighted when they are violated. Her attitude towards Tomoya is often described as furatto and he is often the unfortunate target of snide deadpan retorts from her. Despite this her close relationship with Tomoya and the others brings out more of her than he first believes she is capable of showing. Her emotionless expressions often cause Eriri trouble illustrating her so Eriri takes every opportunity to catch different sides of her personality for the games art. Later in the series her emotions becomes more visible especially when it comes to matters involving members of Blessing Software and Tomoya. When she was appointed leader of Blessing Software after Eriri and Utaha left it was noted by Iori that she has a passiveaggressive personality.