Michiru Hyoudou

氷堂 美智留, Micchi

Birthday: December 18
BWH: 86-56-84

Tomoya's cousin who was born in the same hospital as him. She is a second-year student at Tsubaki Girls' Senior High School. A stoic by nature, seemingly uninterested in everything but her band. The band is actually the first thing she was passionate about; she rarely sticks to anything but was absorbed by the band. Michiru is versatile and often considered a genius, except her poor performance in school.

Recruited to Tomoya's project to compose music. Initially rejecting the offer, but after seeing the dire straits that the project was in, caved in and decided to help out after all. Michiru doesn't like otakus and otaku culture, and often tries doing all kinds of things to turn Tomoya away from his otaku hobbies, like throwing away his figurines and then trying to offer herself to him.

(Source: fourberie, Wikipedia)