Bell Cranel

ベル・クラネル, Little Rookie, Rabbit, Record Holder
Race: Human Height: 165 cm 55 Affiliation: Hestia Familia Level: 4 Skills: Liaris Freese Argonaut Ox Slayer Magic: Firebolt Weapon: Hestia Knife Hakugen Bell Cranel is the captain of the Hestia Familia. Bell was raised by his grandfather in a rural farming village deep within the mountains near the labyrinth city Orario. He had heard and read many stories about heroes from his grandfather forming his dream of aspiring to be a mighty one himself. After his grandfathers death he took it upon himself to leave the village traveling to the land of Orario to fulfill his dreams. Upon his arrival in the city Bell attempted to enter numerous Familia but was rejected by each one. Hestia a Goddess unable to find members willing to join her Familia asked him if hed like to become the first member of her Familia. Bell gladly accepted and so started his new life finally with a Goddess blessing. Bell is a kind straightforward brave yet shy boy who desires to be a hero like the ones he grew up reading about. He cares deeply for the people around him especially his Goddess Hestia and his Familia. He considers them like family due to the death of his grandfather. Bells goals didnt start out pure as he wanted to be an adventurer in hopes of picking up girls even thinking of starting a harem. However after his experience with Ais and Bete Bell seems to have forgone that dream and fell in love with Ais Wallenstein. He became determined to grow stronger so that he could be someone that could stand beside her. Ais saved Bell in an incident with a minotaur and that event made Bell fall in love with her and have fear of Minotaurs. Bell is often scolded by people around him for his trusting nature. He was tricked out of his money by Naaza and Lili multiple times before he found out. In the latters case Hestia warned him that she may be untrustworthy nevertheless he still refused to abandon her. However being the type to not hold grudges he easily forgave both of them. When a body was discovered in the eighteenth floor and Ryuu was thought to be the murderer he continually held doubts despite mounting evidence seemingly pointing to her and wanted to believe in her. Bell is also a terrible liar. His inability to lie or keep a secret is often easily recognized by others. It has been noted by Hestia that Bell has an extraordinary ability to read people. He recognized the loneliness in Lili to be similar to what he felt and was able to pick up on Lyds feelings through his facial expressions fairly quickly. Though he gets flustered quite easily from time to time especially around women and can appear to be timid Bell does possess a strong will. His feelings for Ais were strong enough to grant him a skill that highly accelerated his growth. His desire to be strong and stand next to her gave him the resolve to overcome his fear of Minotaurs and defeat one while still only a Level 1. He unknowingly went against Hermess divine will and refused to kill Gros choosing instead to believe in the dream of the Xenos and risk death. When he sets his mind to a goal he puts his all towards completing it. He is the only adventurer to endure Einas strict lessons and he persisted through Aiss and Tionas harsh training in preparation for the War Game against the Apollo Familia. Bell often acts based on his feelings causing him to be caught up in trouble such as when he decided to help Lili rescue Haruhime and protect Wiene. However such actions have also worked in his favor. His actions caused him to earn the affection of the aforementioned women as well as several others. He saved Mord Latro who had kidnapped Hestia and attacked Bell from monsters turning him from an enemy into an ally. His staunch support of the Xenos and his belief that they are worthy of being saved has made him extremely popular with them. His encounter with the Xenos deeply troubled him for a time. He was unsure if he could keep killing monsters knowing that there were some that had the emotions and intelligence of people. With some advice from Fels he decided to become a hypocrite: he would keep taking lives so that he could get stronger and protect others. Following his loss against Asterius and ascension to Level 4 Bell has become more calm and levelheaded. Due to his goals now including creating a world that both people and Xenos could live in and defeating Asterius his desire to be stronger has grown and he approaches adventures in the dungeon with more seriousness.