Shizuka Hakamada

袴田 静
Shizuka Hakamada was Shou Naruses childhood friend. They were in the same basketball team during their elementary days. He currently plays for Misuzu Academy. Shizuka has short black hair and is tall like Shou although when he was little he was called shrimp by his fellow teammates indicating that he mustve been short compared to the others. He was always envious of Shou ever since they were in the same elementary basketball club. Shizuka seems to be really shy when girls touch him or try to talk to him for long he even goes as far as avoiding them by any cost when they try to get near him. Shizuka met Yuki when Ryuhoku High had their first match against Misuzu Academy. When he found out that Yuki likes Naruse he told her it was a bad idea. He doesnt want Yuki to date Naruse. Naruse warned Hakamada by saying that Yuki belongs to him.Source: Namaikizakari Wiki