Ryuu Lion

リュー・リオン, Gale, Ryu Lion
Race: Elf Height: 165 cm 55 Affiliation: Hostess of Fertility Astraea Familia Level: 4 Skills: Fairy Serenade Mind Load Aero Mana Magic: Luminous Wind Noah Heal Weapon: Kodachi Futaba Ryuu Lion is a waitress at the Hostess of Fertility and former adventurer of the Astraea Familia. A female elf with bluish almondshaped eyes. In the manga she has dark grey hair but in the anime its blonde. She interacts with Bell from time to time. Ryuu was the member of a family that cared for the sacred tree in their home forest of Ryumilua. As time passed she began to think that beautiful Elves were the ugliest of all people due to seeing her fellow Elves behavior toward those of other races. No matter how much she tried to forget it once she began thinking about it the thought firmly planted itself in her mind. Eventually the thought became enough to make her decide to leave the forest. After arriving in Orario Ryuu became an adventurer known as Gale belonging to the Astraea Familia. She was caught in a trap set by Evilus and all of her fellow Familia members were murdered. Overcome with vengeance she persuaded Astraea to leave Orario as she didnt want her to see her revenge. After that she singlehandedly destroyed the Rudra Familia as a part of her rampage and those associated with Evilus through various trickery traps and assassinations causing her to be branded as a fugitive as a result of the ensuing chaos. Her revenge finally fulfilled she collapsed in an alley where she nearly succumbed to her injuries. Fortunately she was discovered by Syr and nursed back to health by Mia Grand. Ever since then she has joined the Hostess of Fertility. Ryuu is calm and stoic but also cares deeply for her friends. She is strong due to her past experience as an adventurer. When a person related to her or her friends are in danger or in need of help she is always ready to step in and help no matter the cost. Like many Elves Ryuu is selective with who may touch her. However she has been advised by Alise to not let go of a man that was able to grab her hands and began to follow Bell with her eyes. Unlike most Elves she doesnt bear the same hatred towards the Crozzo family or their magic swords for their role in the destruction of the forests the Elves lived in stating that the event took place many years ago and that her village wasnt directly affected.