Yuuko Yoshikawa

Birthday:Apr 15
Blood Type:B
Height: 156 cm Instrument: Trumpet Yuuko is a nice friendly and cheerful person who is also shown to have confidence determination and a strong personality. She can openly and confidently show others what she is thinking through her actions her facial expression and her words. However Yuuko is also an emotional person as she can easily get annoyed or angered when something didnt go in the way she wants it to. Yuuko does acknowledges these flaws of her and tries to improve herself and gets over her own pride for the success of the band. By nature Yuuko will put great importance on the people she cares about that she will do anything she can to ensure their happiness and wellbeing. Sometimes this leads her to make some mistakes but other times it elicits very noble actions from her. On the opposite Yuuko behaves acerbically towards individuals she dislikes or someone she perceives as a threat to her cherished friends.