Hotaru Tachibana

Birthday:Apr 1
Hotaru is the Student Council President and is known for her brute strength good reflexes and a strong sense of Justice. She claims to not let evildoers get away with their evil deeds and is often noted to enjoy picking fights for the sake of whats correct to the point where she beats up a bunch of students who were extorting money from a helpless student and desires for revenge on learning that her best friend Kanae was supposedly conned by a Host. Although confrontational she becomes very guilty and apologetic when she realizes that she was mistaken as shown when she kneels and bows her head in apology after arguing with Masamune despite there being several other people present. She is noted to have terrible accuracy with a gun and a bad habit of charging into the field without delay but outstanding speed stamina and strength which she uses to her advantage in closequarters combat. She uses a Heckler Koch G3 SAS High Cycle a submachine gun as her weapon from episode 4 onwards. She is often mistaken as a guy due to her appearance. She is nextdoor neighbors with Masamune.