Kaede Takagaki

高垣楓, Drunken Hag
Age: 25 Height: 171 cm Weight: 49 kg Birthday: June 14 Blood type: AB BWH: 815783 Kaede is a mature and mysterious idol. She is very quiet never saying more than necessary. Her hobbies are visiting and relaxing in onsen. Shes also is a huge fan of lame puns and can continue for hours with this if the Producer cant stop it. She can instantly smell the difference between body wash and shampoo products has heterochromia and has a beauty mark under her right eye. Once Kaede has had a few drinks all of her common sense goes out the window. She gains a devious and manipulative persona when intoxicated. She will push aside any notion to quit drinking and is not above encouraging the teenage idols to drink with her. She loves to enjoy expensive or really tasty drinks particularly wines. Source: iMS Wiki