Shinya Hiiragi

Birthday: November 22 1996 Height: 183 cm 60 Weight: 62 kg 137 lbs Blood Type: B Race: Human Affiliation: Japanese Imperial Demon Army Section: Moon Demon Squad Demon Weapon Series: Black Demon Series Demon: Byakomaru A Major General of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. Although he has a high capacity for spellcraft since childhood Shinya is not comfortable with being with the Hiiragi Family. Shinya is shown to be a gentle and cool man. He does not get angry easily even when being insulted by Seishir. He is seen smiling pleasantly all the time even in tough spots. He has a lighthearted and breezy personality. Shinya is shown to be very loyal to his friends such as Guren. He is also very observant and perceptive and easily grasps Gurens emotions.