タマ, Girl of Light

Ruko's LRIG. Initially, Tama's mannerisms were very much like that of an infant, as she does not actually talk, but communicates in moans and cat-like sounds. After being named, she will also occasionally use her own name as an exclamation. She is energetic, needy, and seems to quickly take a liking to Rūko, despite having been locked in a drawer by her the night after their first encounter. Tama is constantly eager to be used in WIXOSS battles; however, when she actually does fight, her mannerism changes dramatically, and she becomes a fierce warrior, passionately seeking to destroy the enemy. Her power levels seem to be extraordinarily high for the LRIG of a beginner.

She was created by Mayu when Mayu first started the Selector Battles. She also is a part of Mayu herself and represents the side of light. Her original name is Shiro.