Shouto Todoroki

轟焦凍, Shoto, Half-and-Half, Icy-Hot

Age: 15
Birthday: January 11
Height: 176 cm (5'9")
Affiliation: U.A.
Quirk: Half-Cold Half-Hot

He is a student at U.A. training to become a Pro Hero. He got into U.A. through a scholarship because of his powerful Quirk.

Shouto has bi-colored hair, the right side is white, the left one is red. He has a burn around his left eye. In his hero costume, Shouto wears a dark blue jacket, dark blue pants, a silver-colored combat vest, and white boots.

Shouto had a deep loathing for his fire abilities, which he inherited from Endeavor, as it symbolized his father's wickedness towards him and his mother as well as what he was born to be: a tool to surpass All Might, a fate that he detests. As such, Shouto decided to rely solely on his ice power and never use the other half of his Quirk in battles.

During his match with Izuku in the U.A. Sports Festival, Izuku's speech made the memory of his mother's supportive words resurface, and for the first time since his childhood, Shouto used his fire power in combat.

(Source: Boku no Hero Academia Wikia)