Shouta Aizawa

相澤消太, Shota Aizawa, Eraser Head, Erasure Hero, Eraser
Birthday:Nov 8
Initial Age:30
Blood Type:B
Height: 183 cm 6 Occupation: Pro Hero Teacher Affiliation: U.A. High School Quirk: Erasure Aizawas hero name Eraserhead was coined by Present Mic when they were younger. Using the binding cloth Aizawa has a unique fighting style that allows him to immobilize his enemies. He is known to expel students that dont meet his standards however it should be noted that he did not expel anyone from Class 1A. Aizawa is extremely vocal able to voice his opinions very easily. Although seeming emotionless and reserved he has a soft spot for his students and genuinely cares for them. Source: Boku no Hero Academia Wikia Hero Wiki