Hifumi Takimoto

滝本ひふみ, Hifumin
Age: 2123 Birthday: January 23 Zodiac: Aquarius Height: 162 cm Blood Type: AB Takimoto Hifumi is a character designer for Eagle Jump a gaming studio located in Tokyo. Hifumi is specially shy to the point of avoiding talking to people or looking at them directly. As a result in order to not make her feel uncomfortable the other employees interact with her through the companys computer messenger system. Although in later seasons she becomes more lively and goes out of her way to try improving talking to people. Contrary to her normal personality she becomes very lively outgoing and cheerful while textingor messaging often using emoticons in chat. She secretly enjoys cosplay and owns a pet hedgehog named Sojiro. Some trivia about Hifumi: Her favorite colors are Blue and Pink Her favorite clothing style is Sweet Lolita Source: Doki.co