Yuuri Katsuki

勝生勇利, Debu/Fatso, Katsudon/Pork Cutlet Bowl, Buta/Pig, Kobuta-chan/Piglet/Little Piggy
Yuuri is a 23yearold 24 after episode 9 figure skater. Yuuri began skating at a very young age and aspires to become a great figure skater like his idol Victor Nikiforov. As stated by his teacher Minako Yuuri is not a prodigy at skating but his skills were honed by rigorous training which also grants him good stamina. He is Japans top figure skater his greatest skating assets being his peculiar sense of rhythm and unique step. However Yuuri succumbs to pressure easily following the death of his pet dog Victor causing him to mess up at crucial moments. After failing his first appearance at the Grand Prix Final his selfconfidence was greatly affected succumbing to extreme anxiety due to his shortcomings and performances in following competitions thus leaving a black mark on his career and resulting in his returning home after being away for 5 years. Yuuri is kind sensitive and mildmannered he is also introverted and has a hard time opening himself up to others preferring to be alone and practice ballet or ice skating than socializing with his peers. Despite having a lot of support from his family and friends he greatly lacks selfesteem and is easily discouraged causing bouts of anxiety. Contrary to how Yuuri sees himself due to his past failures he is still considered Japans best skater having the loyal support of his fans and the juniors skaters that look up to him much to his bewilderment. Under Victors tutelage Yuuri slowly becomes more selfassured and confident aiming to reinvent himself and putting more input into his programs as he strives to win the 20162017 Grand Prix series. Source: Wikipedia