Chloe Valens

クロエ・ヴァレンス, Ku, C.

Age: 17 Height: 5'6" Weight: 108 lbs Occupation: Knight Chloe is a young woman who uses iron eres and an unnaturally deft blade. The name of the House of Valens is well known even among other kingdoms as a once-noble family of proud knights. Perhaps due to her feelings of duty to carry on that tradition, she always forces herself to walk the true path of a knight. Nonetheless, she has an inner side that is cute and feminine, like the young lady that she is.

Prior to the game, Chloe Valens belonged to the Valens House, a great line of nobles whose existence is well-known throughout the world. When she was a child she had long, beautiful black hair. One rainy night, however, her parents were murdered before her by a masked bandit with a snake tattoo on his arm. Chloe tried to use her father's sword against him, but the masked bandit told her if she chose to attack that he would show her no mercy. Overpowered by fear, she was unable to avenge her parents, and so the masked bandit stole her father’s sword and left. After the incident, the Valens name was threatened to be stripped from her due to the incident. Chloe tries her hardest to keep the Valens name but, being only a child, she finds it impossible to meet the demands of owning such a status. Chloe blamed everything on the masked bandit and swore revenge. Following this, she ordered her maid to cut her hair, a sign of her oath and a symbol of her determination.

(Source: Tales.namco)