Atsushi Dojo

First Lieutenant librarian. Captain of the special unit Dojo Squad. Superior in combat and normal library office work. Has quite a short figure compared to men in his age approx. 54 but that never makes him weaker than the others. Dojo is a strict leader and has a straight character. He always pushes his subordinates especially Iku to their limit. His straight character makes himself a good prey of teasing by other officers. He is usually calm and composed but not whenever its concerning Iku. Despite his tendency to act mean with Iku he deeply cares about her even more than any of his subordinates. Multiple times during the show it is hinted that he has romantic feelings for her. As the story goes on hes getting kinder towards Iku showing great care which results in Ikus feelings gradually changing. Also he likes patting Iku. He always pats her whenever shes sad or down or simply just for praising her.