Sena Kobayakawa

小早川 瀬那, Eyeshield 21

Position: Running back/Free Safety Jersey: 21 40 yard dash: 4.2 seconds Bench Press: 45 kg Height: 155 cm (5' 1") Weight: 48 kg (106 lb) Blood Type: A Birthday: December 21 Graduated From: Deimon 2nd Middle School 1st Year Student (Grade 10) The main character of Eyeshield 21. Initially a bullied gopher, his speed was discovered by Hiruma as he was literally forced into joining the football team at Deimon. However, he soon grows to love the game he plays as he masters both the Speed of Light Pace and further techniques as he gains the confidence to become a successful player. At different times throughout the anime and the manga he will often, through emotions, tap into the "Speed of Light Pace", but the problem with this is every time he does that he will often overextend himself causing himself to faint. As time went on, he got to the point where he can run the "Speed of Light Pace" at will. After the Death March he develops the "Devil Bat Ghost" where he learns to cut without stopping, the "Devil Bat Hurricane" where he incorporates a spin to the "Devil Bat Ghost" and the "Devil Stungun" where he uses one arm to block. (Source: Wikipedia)