宵風, Kira User,Death God,Koudou Sora

Age: 16 years Birthday: Late December (self-claimed) Height: 180 cm Weight: 53 kg Shoe Size: 25 cm Blood Type: Unknown Likes: The darkness of night, chikuzenni (type of chicken stew consisting of taro, carrots, burdock, etc), lemonade Dislikes: Bright places, people who judge based on appearance Specialties: Pitching, mental calculations Techniques: Iga's "Kira" (伊賀「気羅」) A 16-year-old ninja in the Kairōshū who uses the forbidden technique "kira". This technique shoots the user's ki into the body of a target and controls it from the inside out, which can cause the target's bones to break or their body to completely explode. The cost of using this technique is the loss of the user's life force, gradually losing their five senses and eventually dying. According to volume 4, he has roughly two more months to live. He appears to be very sensitive, as he used the kira technique and almost killed a delivery man just because he called him a "cute kid". He is also shown to eat at a rapid pace. After first abducting Miharu and taking him to an abandoned train car, Yoite tells Miharu his friends will die from the ki he implanted inside them; unless Miharu utilizes the Shinrabanshō to grant his wish, to be "erased" from existence. This turns out to be a lie, but Miharu still aims to grant the wish. Yoite usually wears all black, with leather gloves, and a tan-colored gatsby cap.

Yoite was born a hermaphrodite and was named Sora, although Yoite never considered it to be his name. His mother died in childbirth. His parents shunned him, calling him a death god and going to great lengths to deny his existence. He was confined to the basement and his half-brother Koudou Tsukasa was forbidden to approach him. When Yoite turned fourteen, his family decided to kill him, slashing his throat and unsuccessfully forcing Koudou to do the same. After this attempt on his life, being erased from existence became his goal. He ran from the house and was saved by Hattori, who accepted him into the Grey Wolves. Yoite spends a year studying the Kira technique and all required ninja skills. Hattori promises this would bring him closer to his goal of being erased. Yoite is placed under Yukimi's care and is given the name Yoite.

In the anime, Yoite expires in the last episode from the use of Kira. In chapter 50 of the manga, his death was also due to the overuse of Kira, just seconds before Miharu activated the Shinrabanshou and erased everyone's memories of Yoite. However, from time to time, when they face with what would have been a memento of Yoite's actions in the past, some characters' memories are still vaguely triggered, although they cannot remember anything definite. Miharu names the black cat Yukimi raise "Yoite". In the final chapter of the manga, before disappearing, the Shinrabanshou restores everyone's memories of Yoite, including Miharu's, and allows a brief union between Miharu and Yoite. In the end, Yoite bids Miharu farewell and enters a door leading to what is presumably an alternate reality, where he doesn't suffer from Kira (as his hands are uninjured and without gloves), and Yukimi welcomes him home.