Tarou Raimon

雷門 太郎 /モン太, Monta, Mon-Mon

Position: Wide Receiver Split end / Cornerback Jersey: 80 40 yard dash: 5.0 (as of the start of the Kantou tournament) Birthday: August 31 Monta is the wide receiver of the Deimon Devil Bats American football team. He resembles an ape, particularly a chimpanzee, in many ways; indeed, his simian similarity is the character's running joke throughout the manga. Although he is as short as Sena, his large hands, arms (that are noticeably longer than his legs), acrobatic moves, and leaping ability make him a very effective receiver; he can even catch Hiruma's bullet passes with one hand. He has a habit of posing every time he makes a spectacular catch for a touchdown, rolling after the jump, and breaking out of the roll by kneeling and pointing upwards with his index finger. He also has the habit of attaching 'Max' to nearly everything he does (suffixing his phrases with MAX! in the Japanese, and prefixing them with MAXI-! in the English), since he believes that one should give 100% effort in all endeavors. He was named Monta after Sena mistook his name as Rai Montarou. He begins to like being called 'Monta' after Hiruma tells him the nickname 'Monta' was supposedly derived from Joe Montana. Monta does not know that Joe Montana is a quarterback, not a wide receiver. Monta has a crush on Mamori. He's always trying to win her heart, often failing miserably, because she always gives more attention to Sena. Monta's throwing is incredibly horrible: he moves his arm in the right direction, but somehow, the ball goes in a completely different direction! Not only that, but his kicking is similar. His throws/kicks usually hit someone on the head, or break a window. Monta is also known for his bad grammar, as he once said that he will "restore his disgrace, but was corrected by Hiruma, and Hiruma even requested that someone "teach that monkey how to communicate with humans ", which embarrassed him even further. At the same time, although he is considered an idiot, he gives wonderful motivational speeches, especially to Sena. Every time Sena felt like all was lost, Monta would give him a pep talk, leading Sena to start moving again. (Source: Wikipedia)