Ellis McGaren


Ellis, serious and driven, is head of her own security organization, and she and her company are hired by Fiasse Crystera in order to protect her from a plot to kidnap her and steal her inheritance. She is childhood friends with Fiasse, Kyouya, and Miyuki, and had a crush on Kyouya when she was little. She feels responsible for the death of Kyouya's father when they were little, and learned to use a gun in order to protect lives and atone for her mistake. When Kyouya and Miyuki are also hired to guard Fiasse, she is initially against it believing swords and knives inferior and useless against firepower and that they will only get in the way. After Kyouya and Miyuki prove their worth and ability, she accepts them as partners. Ellis and Kyouya turn out to be a great team when protecting Fiasse.