Patrick Colasour

パトリック・コーラサワー, AEU's Ace, Immortal Colasour
Birthday:Jan 1
Patrick appears at the beginning of the first episode as the test pilot for the AEU039s new model the AEU09 AEU Enact and subsequently becomes Exia039s opponent as part of Celestial Being039s first public armed intervention. He is swiftly defeated in an almost comic fashion claiming in desperation to be the AEU039s quotacequot and that he is quotspecialquot due to his apparent victory in 2000 simulated battles. As a result of this public humiliation Patrick vows to defeat the Gundams. In episode 6 he is sent in with the rest of the AEU039s enforcements to aid Moralia in their fight against Celestial Being where he declares the GN005 Gundam Virtue piloted by Tieria Erde as his target. However after one single blast from Virtue039s main cannon annihilates the surrounding AEU squadron he manages to retreat after yet again sustaining significant damage. In preparation for quotProject Gquot a joint military operation between all 3 power blocs Patrick Colasour meets his captain Kati Mannequin for the first time and after she punches him twice for being late claims to have instantly fallen in love with her. Much to Patrick039s chagrin she initially places him on standby for during the first stage of the operation. After sortieing Patrick targets the battleworn Virtue once more with the intention of capturing it but is eventually met with little success after Team Trinity intervene and is shown crying out for his captain when communication devices are jammed by Throne Drei039s red GN particles. In episode 20 Patrick shows up at Kati039s house with a bouquet of red roses and asks her out to dinner to which she accepts. After all his previous failures however Patrick039s first victory comes with the aid of his new GNX and the driving force of a possible kiss from the captain. When Virtue039s system encounters an error when transferring to Sumeragi039s backup system during the UN039s assault on the Gundams Patrick takes advantage of Tieria039s immobility and attacks his suit with a beam sabre however Lockon Stratos is the one who takes the damage when he uses Dynames as a shield severely damaging the cockpit. Ironically this made Patrick the first pilot to cause heavy damage to a Gundam and badly injure a Meister causing temporary blindness in Lockon039s right eye. When Patrick contacts the command center apologizing for letting the Gundams get away Kati appears to be relieved saying that she quotgot all worriedquot. Patrick is pitted against Tieria this time piloting the GN004 Gundam Nadleeh one last time in the final battle of season one. Although initially overpowered Nadleeh loses a limb to a timely shot fired by Alejandro Corner in his Alvatore disabling the TransAm system. Patrick and another GNX fire at Nadleeh until it is reduced to a mere torso head and arm. Patrick and Tieria fire at each other and while Patrick succeeds in taking off Nadleeh039s head his own mobile suit suffers huge damage with the entire top half being blown off. Patrick was reported as being MIA and widely speculated to be dead until the final episode in which he can be seen standing behind Sergei and Kati in the Earth Federation039s military lineup. In the sidestory manga Mobile Suit Gundam 00F Fon Spark from the Fereshte branch of Celestial Being is shown kicking the bottom half of the suit with Patrick alive and well down from orbit. From the very start Patrick is portrayed as the typical brash and hotblooded pilot who thinks irrationally high of himself his constant defeat making him somewhat of a comic relief. His lack of success in real combat is something he is sensitive about although that does not stop him from continuously introducing himself as the AEU039s greatest pilot and viewing himself very highly. He also appears to be somewhat of a playboy although he has since set his sights solely on his commander. Patrick is known to use lessthanhonourable tactics in battle as seen in his attack on the immobile Virtue. His apparent idiocy and lack of perceptiveness also gets him into trouble often one key example is when he meets with Daryl Dodge on one of the UN Army039s ships asking to see the Union039s ace Graham Aker. After Daryl tells him that Graham will not be participating in the GNX operation Patrick responds by calling him a coward. Enraged Daryl grabs him by the collar and warns him not to badmouth Graham. Patrick protests telling him that he is a pacifist but is saved from possible combat when Kati interrupts them. During the second season Patrick joins the ALaws not out of support for their policies but to be closer to Kati Mannequin. At this point he becomes known as quotThe Immortal Colasourquot since despite the fact he gets shot down in every battle he has fought with the Gundams more than any other pilot and survived. As Kati continually butts heads with ALaws commanders over their combat methods Patrick starts to become an emotional support for her. After the battle of the orbital pillar Patrick follows Kati as she deserts the ALaws to join the rebel federation forces. During the final battle with the ALaws Patrick039s unit appears to be destroyed protecting Kati039s command ship from a suicide mobile suit.