Yousuke Fuuma

洋介風魔, Viento

Birthday: October 31 Fuuma Yousuke's basic role in Wedding Peach DX is being Hanasaki Momoko's boyfriend. And the role suits him perfectly, for the couple seems matched from the start. Yousuke is not only charming and sweet, but also very caring and tolerant to Momoko's often bizarre behavior. He is the star goalie of his school's soccer team, a reputation which Momoko is very proud of. Yousuke is especially good friends with Yanagiba Kazuya, the captain and star player of the soccer team. Momoko and he often double-date with Yanagiba-senpai and his girlfriend, Tanima Yuri. Hanasaki Momoko and Fuuma Yousuke: They started as enemies, they bicker all the time. Momoko goes for Yanagiba, giving him stuffs like food, knitting for him. Well in the end Yousuke is the one who eats or drinks it. Yousuke's very protective of him. Since the start of the series their love for each other is very noticeable although they just don't want to admit it. In the middle of the series they grew to love each although they still bicker. It was revealed also that Yousuke has devil blood on him. He's the son of Urugano a hero in the Akuma Zoku World. Momoko was also revealed as the daughter of Celeste, Aphrodite's younger sister. That makes things a lo more complicated. Momoko ad Yousuke is from different world! Later they prove to everybody that despite of being in different worlds. And because of their love they defeated Reine Deira, turn her to back to a good person. They sacrificed their love causing their death but was brought back again. In the DX Episodes Momoko ask Aphrodite to take all her memories of being an angel and to live like a normal person with Yousuke.