Mitsuru Konishi


The Captain of the 801st and school hood rival with Kengamine Kouji. Konishi is an easy going, larger than life man who speaks in very high tones and is almost never seen without his sunglasses. Konishi is very supportive of his team members and works very hard to keep their squad safe from disbandment. When he was younger, Konishi won a ramen eating contest and was school mates with Kouji. Before becoming captain, Konishi was secretly in love with Saginomiya Sakura however so was his best friend, Toshimitsu Tokaji and Sakura was in love with Tokaji. Konishi even proposed to Sakura on the day of her flight exam, but she thought it was Tokaji and said his name which forced Konishi to say Tokaji was in fact, the "real" person giving her the ring. He is unaware that she secretly returns his affections, and becomes deathly ill whenever Sakura sings karaoke.