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Anime Watching Challenge: Challenge Submissions
This thread is where you will submit all of your completed challenges. It also serves as a onestop resource for all Submission Rules and/or guidelines. While each individual challenge post should detail guidelines for submission, all challengespecific submission rules are organized and listed below. Please do not post any questions in this forum it is for challenge submissions only. If you have any questions, you can visit the FAQ thread, our Discord, or contact any member of AWC Staff. *All times and dates are using the UTC time zone.* September 2019: **September 1st, 2019**, 00:00 UTC **September 30th, 2019**, 23:59 UTC Summer 2019: Submissions will be accepted from **October 1st, 2019**, 00:00 UTC **October 15th, 2019**, 23:59 UTC Community Raffle 1: Submissions will be accepted until **December 1st, 2019**, 23:59 UTC After you’ve finished a challenge, make sure your Challenge List has been completely updated and meets the Submission Guidelines for the challenge listed below. Post a link to your Challenge List as a comment reply to this thread be sure to make a note of which challenge you are submitting. You can find your Challenge List’s link by clicking on the link icon in the top right of your comment containing the list this URL is what you’ll post here. One of our reviewers will reply to your submission when it is under review. If you made a mistake, your reviewer will reply with what needs to be fixed and why. Please make the proper corrections and respond to their comment making note of the changes made once things have been updated so they know to come take another look. If you’ve successfully completed the challenge, your reviewer will congratulate you and send the badge reward to your profile’s wall. Kondor | annahoj | xRyper | crackst | qeziz | Raycenerr | Quiet | SirFink | MyNameIsZach | cybergami **General Submission Rules** Your profile and anime activity **must be set to public** so our reviewers can verify your list and activity. Start and End Dates **must** be logged and up to date. You can access these in the List Editor. Every Challenge List must include the challenge start/end dates, all requirements and anime used, start/end dates and status of anime used, links to the AL pages for anime, and any additional information specifically noted in the challenge or requirements. Submit only one challenge per post. If you have multiple challenges to submit at the same time, please submit them as individual comments. Please state which challenge you are submitting along with the link to your challenge comment. Please keep all requirements in numerical order as best you can. This also applies to genre challenges, you’ll just keep them in numerical order within each section. You may only use one anime per requirement. Also, you may not use the same anime for more than one requirement on the same challenge. Please include any screenshots or additional information as noted by specific requirements. **Tier Challenges** Anime **may not** be shared between Tier Challenges. You must include a link to all of your previously completed and reviewed Tier Challenges with each Tier Challenge submission. **Monthly Challenges** You may submit Easy Mode and then Hard Mode, or you can submit just Hard. Both methods will earn the same points and same badges. Requirements must be kept in 110 numerical order, even when submitting Easy and Hard separately. Do not separate lists into different sections. **Genre Challenges** These lists **must** be split into Easy, Normal, and Hard Mode sections. A line break is very helpful. Within these sections, requirements **must** be in numerical order. Genre Challenges must be submitted upon completion of each Mode. Please clarify which Mode is being submitted. A Genre Mastery submission must have a link to your previously completed and reviewed genre challenge. **Special Challenges** Rainbow Challenge: Anime **may not** be used for any other Challenge. Also be sure to pick anime with covers you’re confident about whether an anime successfully passes for a color will be subject to the reviewer, so don’t use things you’re unsure about. Raffle Challenge: If you made use of the swap feature of the challenge, make sure both you and your swap partner have linked to the other's post and make note that you've swapped tickets. **Seasonal Challenges** Remember to include your vote for the badge on your challenge list check the challenge post for the vote counting day. Make sure your post is updated with all progress by the day we count votes for badges list episode progress, mark things as complete, etc. **Classic Challenges** Separate each season into clear sections by season in order of Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall **Collection Challenges** Studio Challenges may be submitted for the Bingo line and then the Board Clear. Please clarify which of these are being submitted. **General Submission Rules** Your profile and manga activity **must be set to public** so our reviewers can verify your list and activity. Start and End Dates **must** be logged and up to date. You can access these in the List Editor. Every Challenge List must include the challenge start/end dates, all requirements and manga used, start/end dates and status of manga used, links to the AL pages for manga, and any additional information specifically noted in the challenge or requirements. Submit only one challenge per post. If you have multiple challenges to submit at the same time, please submit them as individual comments. Please keep all requirements in numerical order. You may only use one manga per requirement. Also, you may not use the same manga for more than one requirement on the same challenge. Please include any screenshots or additional information as noted by specific requirements. **Tier Challenges** Manga **may not** be shared between Tier Challenges. If you make use of manga you have previously started, this must be made note of, and the chapter you were on at the start of the challenge must be stated. **Manga City** If you make use of manga you have previously started, this must be made note of, and the chapter you were on at the start of the challenge must be stated.
What are your top 5 Anime Openings/Endings
So im recently finding myself in need of more music and im getting more and more into Jpop/rock so i figured might as well turn it into a discussion lets have fun and get some amazing music people.
Can I change my name to an inactive user?
if yes is can I have the name of the inactive user. idk how private looks like so maybe private?
AWC: Slice of Life Genre Challenge
We Have a Website Now Check it out and bookmark it for a one stop location for all AWC challenges 150 Slice of Life Genre Challenge Badges for Completion: Characters in badges: Easy: Rin Shima from Yuru Camp△ | Normal: Kyouko Toshinou from Yuru Yuri | Hard: Tohru from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Badges designed by Electrochemist, Shoxi, and Xeldum You can use anime you have already completed for Easy mode ONLY 70%Once you've finished your challenge on hard mode you can start the challenge over for a 2 times complete. By doing so, you can earn the animated mastery badges to show off your dedication towards the genre. Your second entry has to be in a new post with new entries and it must contain a link to your original completed submission. Mastery Badge Design: 70% You cannot use the same anime to fulfill multiple requirements within a challenge You can use anime you have already completed for Easy mode ONLY the first time through Leave a note under the specific requirement that it was previously completed You can use any number of rewatches throughout the challenge Leave a note under the specific requirement that it was a rewatch You can use an anime you have previously started if you have not completed the anime You can use currently airing anime, but they must be finished airing before you submit your challenge as completed You cannot use speed watching to complete this challenge Challenge start date is considered the day you post There is no time limit to complete this challenge There is no limit on the number of anime you can use from other challenges Your profile must be set to public so we can verify your anime list and activity Make sure to update your activity regularly as this is our only means of verifying a participant actually watched the anime they submitted for their challenge. 80% Post a reply in this forum when you start the challenge with the code we have provided below Include the name of the challenge, difficulty level, and challenge start and finish dates in your initial post You can keep track of your progress through editing your submission here, or update it when you are finished Please use the code we have provided for your challenge submission. You can edit it however you want as long as it follows the same format You can find the challenge code here: Challenge Code Fill out the portions in red text only to keep code formatting When you have fulfilled all of the requirements for a challenge mode, please post a link to your submission in the Challenge Submissions forum post. You will need to make a new submission per mode you are attempting, or you can post your final Hard Mode and get all three badges at once. 80% Formatting for challenge submissions should include the following information: 1. Start: DD/MM/YY Finish: DD/MM/YY Challenge Requirement: Link with Anime Title Additional Information 80% Challenge requirements listed under spoilers 350 If an anime is missing a tag, please help make AniList better and add the tag. You can add additional tags by clicking the plus sign next to the tag list and filling out the form. Screenshots on how to do this are located in the helpful information section of the AWC FAQ. 350 Information on where to find format and score is located in the helpful information section of the AWC FAQ. 350 If the source listed is incorrect / missing make sure to submit a data change to help make AniList data more complete. Information on how to submit a data change and how where to find adaptations is located in the helpful information section of the AWC FAQ. 350 Watch an "Slice of Life" anime from different studios: Makes sure to comment which studio was used per requirement 350 Information on where to find aired year / season is located in the helpful information section of the AWC FAQ. 350 English and/or Romaji counts for all title entries. Do not use Hiragana, Katakana, or Kanji 350 Make sure to add a note with the character’s name / setting location per requirement 350 Make sure to take a screenshot for requirement 44 to show the recommendation as proof. In order to decrease the amount of forum spam, please do not create forums asking for recommendations. Ask for recommendations in general, talk to us on Discord, or post in the AWC suggestions forum. Thank you 350 Bonus requirements are for fun only unless you are doing the challenge on Normal or Hard Mode. For Normal Mode: you are allowed to swap up to two of the original requirements for up to two of the bonus requirements. You cannot repeat requirements. For Hard Mode: you are allowed to swap up to four of the original requirements for up to four of the bonus requirements. You cannot repeat requirements. 80% AWC Website Challenge Code Master AWC Post AWC FAQ Post AWC Submission Post AWC Discord AWC Challenge Discussion / Suggestions
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Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 25 Discussion
Nooooo anime Not heterosexualityBad anime They should be lesbians you dumb ass Oh well cant get lesbians in every anime i guess,,,,,,, More running around chasing each other and screaming ,,I'm sorry but i don't find that funny its just loud and irritating.But Jar Jar Binks didn't whine or cry witch was a huge plus Another tragic dramatic backstoryPoor thing,, but its getting a bit much when every character have a traumatic sad past, Anime you are overdoing it The first 15 episodes was great then you have just fallen apart Action are your strongest card. Humour and drama is not, but obviously you dont care anymore Sad to see, you have now 27/100 Im not impressed ,,,Better yourself and finish strong And please instead of calling me stupid or trying to convince me Im wrong ,,Write and state WHY you like this anime ,,This is just my personal taste, not calling it a bad anime ,its just not up to my taste
Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo - Episode 11 (Release Discussion)
Momoko poured her heart out to her so called best friend But because Kazusa is a self absorbed idiot she didn't even notice her best friend coming out as a lesbian ,,,She even indirect called her weird and didn't care enough to ask why all the sudden are you asking me this? She doesn't care .And this i love you to bits Mo chin, Is as cheap as herself and don't mean shit .And you can see how much that hurt Momoko ,,,All she wanted was her friends support but got noting,,,, I really hope Momo will chose better "friends" in the future , and break up with those girls they are no good and Momo deserves a nice caring girlfriend that love her for real Anime you still have 31/100 lets see what happens in the last episode,, If Momo find happiness and have a good ending i even may point you up Mo chin honey I love you to pieces and will keep cheering for you
Symphogear XV Episode 12 Discussion
Really solid episode We finally got to see best girls Amalgam form and Shemha's plan taking action. Also the three monsters are now presumably dead, which in my opinion was better than redeeming them. What was your favorite scene/moment from the episode How do you think it all will end next week?
Fire Force - Episode 8 Discussion
If you didn't drop after the last episode, you should probably drop now. This episode was pretty fucking bad. I'll clarify with some details: The villain is absolute shit. Extremely cringe, no development, entirely unlikeable. Villains don't have to be likeable, but if you're going to make your audience hate your villain, it should be done intelligently rather than simply creating a psychotically deranged character. The final scene was so predictable, the show telegraphed it from a mile away. The entire episode was just a giant pile of tropes and had basically no original ideas or storytelling to speak of. The way Maki gets the shit beaten out of her without resisting *at all* when she is also a capable fire soldier, where her opponent is literally just kicking her without using any powers at all diminished her character to *nothing* more than a damsel in distress, when previous character development suggests she's *more* than just that. It's incredibly sad to see characters diminished to the oldest tropes in the book in a way that actually breaks from how they were previously established. Honestly, I've never used this word to describe a scene in anime, but this scene seemed very misogynistic to me. I cringed into the next dimension watching it. The anime's tasteless contrast of incredibly childish/immature characters and incredibly dark, disturbing imagery is absolutely disgusting. It can't decide what it wants to be and what audience it wants to appeal to it's like putting mustard on oatmeal. Don't get me wrong, this *can* be done properly , but this show *does not* do it right. Nonexistent themes, garbage character development, inconsistent plot, etc. E.g. the villains introduced several episodes ago haven't been mentioned or considered by any of the characters at all. The show introduced them only to have everyone forget they existed. I have no idea what the show is trying to say, because it's literally saying nothing. The closest thing to a theme is "don't give up, be a hero", but that theme is stupid even for shounen and was only really a central focus in two episodes, so I have no idea to be honest. Random introduction of "insects" these come completely out of left field, aren't believable, and serve no purpose other than to achieve a gut reaction in the audience. Wasted screentime with meaningless dialogue and incredibly obvious stalling. etc. etc. etc. The whole thing is just incredibly bad.
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Can I change my name to an inactive user?
if yes is can I have the name of the inactive user. idk how private looks like so maybe private?
Notification for anime added to the site that are linked to what you saw (how to get rid of them?)
Hey, I don't know if it is recent but I now get quite a lot of notifications for new anime added. If there is a way to disable that I would be happy to know how. Otherway please make one. There is nothing under "notification" menu in setting : So if there is a way I don't know maybe it would be more logical to add it there ?
Toggle to change the Stats -> Overview -> Read Year data
I don't really mark when I start reading something which means that the section mentioned in the title doesn't really work as intended for me. I do, however, mark when I finish a series so I was wondering if it would be possible to add a toggle or something in Settings or wherever else to make it so that the Read Year tab took the Finish Date instead of the Start Date as its base when calculating the data it needs. This section if it wasn't clear
My 64yo mother just finished Diamond is Unbreakable
Hello everyone,, JoJo has always been close to my heart. Watching Phantom Blood with my roommate, screaming at the screen and throwing popcorn at Dio's treachery, is one of my fondest memories. My love of Joseph Joestar and the camp of Stardust Crusaders led me to name my first band Hermit Purple. I fell behind on Diamond and knew that I had Golden Wind to look forward to. To that end I was binging to talk about JoJo on my anime podcast and my mom and brother come by to visit for a week. I'm about to change the program and my mom tells me to keep watching because she thinks the way everyone poses and how they are dressed is interesting. My brother comments on the color scheme changing so much. They pick up on the murder mystery aspect of it. My mom was thrilled at the idea of the killer, the face swapping power of one of the stand users, the tension of not knowing who was capable of what, and Rohan's frustrations. She laughed out loud when she heard the Japanese VOs saying Highway Star and Cheap Trick. I know JoJo doesn't need any more hype than it has but for anyone that hasn't given it a try yet know that the love for this series is real. It's way more than memes, though JoJo also has the best memes
Re:Stage! Dream Days♪ Episode 11 Discussion
really enjoyed this episode. I like how they changed the lyrics. Tetrarchia girls still spying on the school. xD