Dare You Challenge Thread
This thread is pretty simple. We will look through your list, and someone; anyone can dare you to watch something. If there are any genres that you absolutely will not watch under any circumstances that's fine; just say so. I can dare someone to watch something or someone else can dare that person to watch something and so on and so forth. Movie dares aren't allowed unless the person says movie dares are fine. Always open.
GinEiDen Political Territory Major Changes (25 slides)
This is a territorial political diagram of GinEiDen that I did for myself, I think it is quite useful to help to understand some military movements of the series, trips, some history, and more or less where certain battles take place. Here there are HUGE spoilers for the series, so if you didn't watch the OVAs don't open it
Favorite Anime Openings of the Ongoing Animes
How about we all share our favorite anime openings among the ongoing animes of this season?^^ I really liked these for now Banana fish Opening 1 / × found & lost × Back Street Girls ''Gokudoll Music'' This is really good hahaha LOL and hilarious too
Make an anime plot with your top tags+top genres
Combine your top 10 tags in your Stats into a semicoherent anime plot that fits at least 3 of your top Genres You can start your own thread or reply to someone else's story and continue it with your own tags. Or you can post your tags+genres and see what other people come up with.
Looking for shoujo for josei manga
Looking for shoujo or josei manga similar to Daytime shooting stars, Love So Life, or Monochrome Factor. Prefer currently ongoing manga, or and manga with 8 volumes or more.
Post 3x3
pls dont let this flop (πーπ) 220 as u can see ive only been listening to loona all week :'
Post the first recommended site by your browser
Ok, here's a game. Post the first site that your browser recommends to you based on your search history. We will go at this alphabetically, for example if I start with a, the next person continues with b and so on. And then cycle back again once we reach z. No cheating , etc. Don't worry, we won't judge. Ok, let's start. a
[Toku Club] This is NOT anything anymore
This thread was intended to be a place where I discussed an upcoming event, but it was purged before we could get the discussion started. I'll have more info soon, regardless.
Powerful Anime Music
Hi, I'm looking for powerful Sound Tracks in/of anime. That can be an Opening/Ending Theme Song or just OST. For Example: Youjo Senki's Opening Kamukeiki Valvrave's Opening An OST Track of Owari no Seraph
Looking for recommendations of darker shonen and echi mangas
Hello, I'm looking for two types of manga, first will be some darker shonen recommendations, I have seen Death Note movie only and read few volumes of Bleach , thinking about purschase of boxset. Would You have some other recommendations? I like japanese culture and traditions, samurais and ninjas. The other would be echi as I dont want to jump straight into hentai. Looking for something very bouncy: , but with a good story or at least interesting plot. If the titles would have boxsets or limited editions, it'll be best. I would like to collect and mostly even when buying boxset it rents. Thank You for recommendations
So as some might now this site, many probably wont. is a platform to watch series/movies and together. I think itd be fun to watch a few animes with fellow anilisters So share your for friendrequests or the link to a show you are going to watch , so other people can join YOU I hope with time this thread will fill up with greatness
Post an insane lie about the person above you
All you have to do is make an insane lie about the person above you. I want to see a lot of creativity, haha.
Violet evergarden
Those episode were so so good the psychology of history really challenged me. we discover during the episodes the personality of Violet evergarden. she's really inspiring. the historical period of this series is well chosen. it's an incredibly touching series that makes you want to do good around you
Related missed anime
I'm not sure if Anilist has this feature yet, but I can't find it if it does. I want the same thing that is on Malgraph. I can elaborate it further if it is needed, but I think its not necessary.
Activity points submission Time
when does the servers submit your Activity points because I'm watching anime everyday yet I got 2 empty days just now, so the only explanation is that I'm watching right after the submission time, so when does the server/website submit the points? any time zone will do.
What do you think is the most popular video game as of today?
Games come and go all the time. Within the past year I think I've played a grip of games from Overwatch, CS:GO, LoL, and Fortnite. As of today , what do you think is the most popular game? The game with the most players and engagement?
Post a fan art of one of the above user's favourite characters
I have revised the forums if this game exist and i didn't find anything, I also revised the guidelines for the forum and I didn't find anything against post image of fan art.... so here we go: I think this will be an interesting game that consist basically what the tittle say: "Post a fan art of one of the above user's favourite characters" Also please avode NSFW and offensive images. PD: If you can please post the image with a size equals or higher to 500 in the tag, example: 500 PD2: To make this thread look clean as much as possible, the next person must reply to this thread
No genres for From Up on Poppy Hill?
From Up on Poppy Hill doesn't have any genres listed at all. I haven't seen it so I don't know what apprpropriate genres would be, but if someone would fix that I would appreciate it a lot so I have a better idea of what sort of film it is. Thanks
The OP x OP challenge!
*Here are the rules:* Step 1: Pick up 2 openings Step 2: Post them on the forum Step 3: Write which one is the visual / song above them Step 4: Cut off the song for the visual opening Step 5: Make sure you play them at the right time so that they watch Step 6: Enjoy Song Visual Ps: You are allowed to cross with ending Code help for posting videos:
[Spoilers] Steins;Gate 0 - Episode 18 [Discussion]
Discussion thread for Steins;Gate 0 episode 18. Official Website Twitter How did you feel about this episode? Wow, what a way to finish the scene. We finally got the super not obvious reveal that Leskinen was the one who brainwashed Kagari and planned to steal the time machine. They really villainized him in the anime and even went out of their way to include Daru and Maho in that scene. A really low key spoiler for the VN, Leskinen is not bad in every route. Since the anime is one big route, they had to go with it and leave nothing to save his moral character. I don't think it's a bad thing, but I just wanted to say that Leskinen isn't always fucked up. They did a really good job with emotions in this episode, especially by including Daru and Maho. The Kagari massacre scene was the big thing I was waiting for too, and that was exciting. I know they couldn't go completely graphic like how it was described in the VN, but it was pretty solid and fulfilling. Another big thing they changed about the scene was the twist at the end, which I believe was the right decision. I won't spoil what it is just in case anyone here wants to play the VN, but it was a plot twist not many people enjoyed. I thought it was kinda interesting, but at the same time, it really ruined Kagari's character, including how she was in the rest of the VN. I won't spend the whole time comparing though, so I'll get to the more anime intensive analysis. Now the rest of this episode was mostly well executed. There were a few times where I felt they should of focused on a scene a bit more, like Mayuri's text at the end, and just the whole time machine exploding conflict. I know they didn't have a lot of time left in the episode, but they could of added more dramatic despair elements to the whole time machine exploding and war breaking out. Again, they did a good job with Okabe's suffering and his complete hopelessness and disappointment in himself and how the choice Kurisu made was worthless. The episode did end on a sort of weird cliffhanger where stuff felt like it needed to be explained or fleshed out, but they had no time and saved that for the next episode, which is completely fine. Another thing I wanted to point out was Leskinen pretty much throwing Kurisu in the trash and using her knowledge for his own was really messed up with how Maho reacted. It made me really upset and only made Leskinen look worse. To wrap it up, they did a good job with the scene overall with what they had to work with and the decisions they made up to this point with all the route changes and such. I would give that whole rooftop scene a 78/10 compared to the VN and just general quality. TL;DR Protec Maho, rip Suzuha and Mayuri, bad Leskinen, oof my heart
10 Anime With...
I'll list a certain category or description, and you and the following posters need to come up with 10 anime that fit the description given. The person who lists the 10th anime that fits into the description gets to create the new description. If the description is about a character, be sure to include the character that fits the description as well as the anime. 10 Anime With a Yandere Character
Hamatora The Animation: Saishuukai Chokuzen! Mao ga Okuru (2014)
Hello I'm looking for "Hamatora The Animation: Saishuukai Chokuzen Mao ga Okuru" of the year 2014 in browse but I don't see it. Not in the database? Info: Recap of the Hamatora The Animation series narrated by Mao.