Anime about survival like Btooom! ?
I'm looking for something similar to Btooom, anything with survival action battle royale
Recommend an anime through its Opening
Thread idea thanks to @CpmanV2. As they say that a picture is worth a thousand words, I have decided that why not use the Openings of the animes to recommend them? Rules: Only 1 Opening per series Give a small personal recommendation of the anime You can use this example:
Plus happy ending pls, heart is going to break with another sad one
i want something like konosuba and is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon
I like the 5-star rating system, but I don't like the conversion to 100 point
On a 10point scale half of the scale isn't really used and I like how the 5star scale can focus on the ratings that are actually matter. But with the way AL seems to naively convert each star to 20% doesn't really reflect what the scores mean. After importing my list with the MAL 10point scale I think this is how I would assign stars in order to fully utilize them: 862 This is not at all how AL converted everything to stars. Currently I have nothing rated 1star and only a couple things rated 2stars based on the poorly converted scores. I would either have to go through all my ratings and adjust everything, leave all past ratings as inaccurate while ratings going forward would be on a different scale, or just go back to the old 10point scale. It would be great if AL let you define your own conversion, or just used a better conversion between 5star and 100point.
Question regarding the title ordering in "Staff Roles" pages
Before the site redesign I seem to remember these sections being ordered chronologically. It proved really helpful with showing us a timeline of staff member's media involvements from beginning to current. as a random example, this just seems randomly scattered around?
Recommend anime that I definitely should watch
So I am searching for anime that I should have watched as an anime fan but still haven't . Which one should I watch and why?
[Spoilers] Amanchu Episode 11 [Discussion]
I never doubt that Kokoro is a boy but its understandable why everyone treats her as a girl. Though nobody really question his behavior on wanting to be a guy I don't really ship Kokoro and Pikari because his far from being a guy, he shall wait until he grows up.
How many episodes in Attack on titan 3?
Hi. Sorry for asking a simple question like that but, how much episodes the season 3 will have ? I expect 24. :fingerscrossed: Tanks :
Favorites Already Selected?
Has anybody here searched for something/somebody to add to their favorites and find that it/they are already in 'favorites' , but it's not displayed on the page? Is this a bug or related to importing a list from an xml file?
Seiyuu on the App
Is it possible on the app to have each character listed with their seiyuu? Thank you App is amazing
Problem with Anilist using Windows Phone
Simple, the first days I could see the page and interact, but for a week now, I think... when entering any link related to Anilist in the mobile's browser, only a blank screen appears
animes that are "so bad, it's good"?
the whole "so bad, it's good" thing can be applied to pretty much everything and anime isn't an exception. what's an anime that you know is shit tier but still find yourself watching til the end?
Do you add specials/OVAs to your list?
Do you add specials and OVAs to your list? Edit: I add specials and OVAs to my list.
Anilist import/export
I found the old method to export your list to anilist much easier. It is possible to bring back this old function?
Question about the "patron-exclusive feed"
A week ago, more or less, I became a supporter of Anilist, just when the page was updated. In the patron page, it shows the rewards for becoming a supporter in which "patrononly content feed" is included, and I cannot find how to activate it, is it even available in the new update?
What series hooked you on anime/manga?
I started off with Cowboy Bebop and Evangelion, oddly it wasn't until I started watching Card Captor Sakura that I knew I had found something I loved. For manga, a girl I liked got me into Rave Master/Groove Adventure Rave and I went from there. What about you guys and girls? What series got you hooked?
Missing characters
ehm, I was setting up my favourite characters list, trying to recreate what I had on mal, but then I realised that the characters for the anime 'Working Buddies' aren't set up, so I couldn't add the character from that series which used to be in my faves, so... A. does anyone know if you can fix this as a user and if so how? or otherwise B. does anyone know who to bring this to get this changed? Thanks beforehand
Question about spoiler tag
Hello I would like to know if it's possible to add a title instead of "Spoiler, click to view" for a spoiler tag, and if it is possible, how to do it, thank you. :
I'm new! I added animes to my list. Does it update?
I'm a victim of MAL. I decided to move to this website after noticing it's been taking longer to fix their API and what not. I lost my email too and was told to reset password from another old account although I had the username and password but, eh. I sent them an email and they don't even respond. Anyways, I have a question. Will the days watched and completed anime update? I've added all I had from my previous anime list. Thank you <3
Episode 10? (Cute High Earth Defense Club HAPPY KISS!)
Was the show delayed? I honestly have been looking for info everywhere and I am only finding info on the past two seasons ep 10. It's been a week and I still can't find episode 10 anywhere, I can't even find the raws. Can someone please fill me in or direct me to where I can find this sort of info? Because I am apparently way out of the loop.
Please recommend me new Isekai manga/light novel
I dont want something that already has an anime or an anime announcement. Something new and i dont mind harems or the same generic isekai approach
I'm so hyped for this game, it's like JStars all over again Name 4 characters from anime you would like Bandai Namco to add to the roster. Gintoki Wild Tiger or Bernaby Inuyasha Jojo EDIT:Light Yagami and Ryuk won't be playable characters but will be an important part of the story.
Most Detailed Artstyle
Which anime do you think has the most detailed artstyle?