Recomend person above an anime from PTW list
Basically recommend the person above you something from their Planning list. You think they should watch because you think its that good, try to give reasons if you can.
10 Anime With...
I'll list a certain category or description, and you and the following posters need to come up with 10 anime that fit the description given. The person who lists the 10th anime that fits into the description gets to create the new description. If the description is about a character, be sure to include the character that fits the description as well as the anime. 10 Anime With a Yandere Character
Hurt 1, Heal 1
Ok here's how this works Each person gets to hurt 1 person and heal 1 person. For example, here are 2 people from the list below in a scenario where the game is reaching an end: Obama: 2 Deku: 1 The person below me can hurt obama and heal deku by posting the following: Obama: 1 Deku: 2 Or, instead, they can hurt deku and heal obama, therefore killing off deku like this: Obama: 2 Deku: 0 Since Deku has 0, he will be removed on the next post entirely and from thereon out. And yes, you can heal someone that is at the 5 starting points therefore making it 6. Now each person starts with 5 health and here are the official people: Deku: 5 Obama: 5 Luigi: 5 Steve Jobbs: 5 Ash Ketchum: 5 Jake Paul: 5 Lightning McQueen: 5 My dad: 5
So as some might now this site, many probably wont. is a platform to watch series/movies and together. I think itd be fun to watch a few animes with fellow anilisters So share your for friendrequests or the link to a show you are going to watch , so other people can join YOU I hope with time this thread will fill up with greatness
(Survey) Anilist: TOP 10 Best Anime
Anilist has grown to a kind of large community of anime fans. Opinions and tastes have many variatons... but there's always something that connects people. So I'd like to know what do people think about TOP 10 anime, and what would they place in their own list. BASIC RULES: Movies are allowed Franchises are respected as whole, so no season 2/3/etc. or movies, but the whole name of franchise Names should be written correctly and only in English for easier result analysis So I present you the survey. I hope You'll have some time to fill it in. Survey will be up from 0814 to 0821 , so invite anyone to join Survey 440
Post the first recommended site by your browser
Ok, here's a game. Post the first site that your browser recommends to you based on your search history. We will go at this alphabetically, for example if I start with a, the next person continues with b and so on. And then cycle back again once we reach z. No cheating , etc. Don't worry, we won't judge. Ok, let's start. a
Describe the last anime you watched as BADLY as possible, the other person has to guess it
its exactly what it says, just describe it as BADLY as possible and the next person has to guess it and just make a new post and tag the other guy in it i'll begin **girls riding around in ww2 and just gathering stuff**
Boys vs Girls [Forum Game]
This game is simple, we start with the number 500, the boys goal is to count up to 1,000, and the girls goal is to reach 0, you may not post back to back wait for at least one reply. Please message me if there is a thread for this already so I can take it down, thank you and have fun Also please message me when 1 team has won :
[GAME] Shiritori っゝω・)っ~☆
"I'm sure most of you are familiar with the word game, Shiritori, or at least its Western versions. A player starts out by saying a word, and the next person down the line has to say another word that begins with the last letter/syllable of the previous word." EXMPLE Player 1: Trip Player 2: Pastry Player 3: Yen So on and so forth 220 ok that's all pls dont let this flop I'll start, Pinkっゝω・っ~☆
Best Manga I Need To Read
Give me the best 3 manga you have read Want to start reading some Visual Novels welcomed as well
What series hooked you on anime/manga?
I started off with Cowboy Bebop and Evangelion, oddly it wasn't until I started watching Card Captor Sakura that I knew I had found something I loved. For manga, a girl I liked got me into Rave Master/Groove Adventure Rave and I went from there. What about you guys and girls? What series got you hooked?
Powerful Anime Music
Hi, I'm looking for powerful Sound Tracks in/of anime. That can be an Opening/Ending Theme Song or just OST. For Example: Youjo Senki's Opening Kamukeiki Valvrave's Opening An OST Track of Owari no Seraph
Which video game(s) are you playing at the moment?
As a freshman on AniList, I just started working on my anime history that I have put on hold for perhaps a decade long. I always had a stronger presence in various video gaming communities, but that pretty much changed as of late. Although I lessened leisure time for gaming and watching anime instead, I'm still curious about the gaming habits of fellow AniListers. On top of that, quite some games nowadays are intertwined with existing anime and manga. There's no doubt that many people here enjoy playing video games as well. Without further ado, let's see what the AL community is playing right now Do discuss further; may it be about current progress, completion, consoles and handhelds, merchandise, fangirling, you name it: as long as it's within the broad bounds of gaming, anything is allowed.
Post a fan art of one of the above user's favourite characters
I have revised the forums if this game exist and i didn't find anything, I also revised the guidelines for the forum and I didn't find anything against post image of fan art.... so here we go: I think this will be an interesting game that consist basically what the tittle say: "Post a fan art of one of the above user's favourite characters" Also please avode NSFW and offensive images. PD: If you can please post the image with a size equals or higher to 500 in the tag, example: 500 PD2: To make this thread look clean as much as possible, the next person must reply to this thread
judge the person above you by his Username ( ̄・ω・ ̄)
for example: @Shiiiiiiinigamiiiiiy you watched to many times death note and now you have attention deficit disorder or @KawaiiKittyGirl you name is like a cute kid.. And sure.. you can Follow me : RaiDyen Now.. let the games begin?
Anime Watching Challenge: Challenge Submissions
Submit links to your completed challenges in this forum. Please do not post any questions in this forum. This forum should be for challenge submissions only. If you have any questions direct them to the FAQ forum, talk to us on Discord, or talk to a AWC Staff directly: List of AWC Staff Members can be found on the AWC Master forum. How to submit: When you have finished the challenge, make sure your submission has been updated in the challenge post. Post a link to your final submission as a comment to this post. You can get a link by clicking on the link icon on your forum reply. Post that comment web address to this forum. This makes it easier for reviewers instead of looking through multiple forums for submissions. Thank you After you post a completed challenge: One of our reviewers will reply to your submission when it is under review. A reviewer will check through your challenge to ensure you have met all the requirements. If you missed a requirement, we will reply with which challenge requirement you need to fix and why. If you have completed it successfully, we’ll reply with “Challenge Completed Successfully.”
Looking for shoujo for josei manga
Looking for shoujo or josei manga similar to Daytime shooting stars, Love So Life, or Monochrome Factor. Prefer currently ongoing manga, or and manga with 8 volumes or more.
♫ Rate the anime opening/ending theme right above you ♫
Just as the title said, you must rate the opening that has been recently posted
Make an anime plot with your top tags+top genres
Combine your top 10 tags in your Stats into a semicoherent anime plot that fits at least 3 of your top Genres You can start your own thread or reply to someone else's story and continue it with your own tags. Or you can post your tags+genres and see what other people come up with.
Looking for recommendations of darker shonen and echi mangas
Hello, I'm looking for two types of manga, first will be some darker shonen recommendations, I have seen Death Note movie only and read few volumes of Bleach , thinking about purschase of boxset. Would You have some other recommendations? I like japanese culture and traditions, samurais and ninjas. The other would be echi as I dont want to jump straight into hentai. Looking for something very bouncy: , but with a good story or at least interesting plot. If the titles would have boxsets or limited editions, it'll be best. I would like to collect and mostly even when buying boxset it rents. Thank You for recommendations
female protagonists
when can we have a strong female protagonist instead of the same generic guy over and over again
How to get a "basic white girl" into anime?
What it says on the tin. I've convinced the most unlikely people to watch anime, but never these. Almost every anime out there is sure to get them bored/grossed out from my impression. I maybe wrong. What's your take? And for those who don't know what a "basic white girl" is, it's essentially someone who fits the preppy stereotype of going to get Starbucks, listening to top 40 pop music, being popular, often dating jocks or rich guys, instagramming/snapchatting 24/7 etc. Mean Girls is a good movie reference for these types.
Favorite Japanese Rock (J-Rock) bands?
Curious to see what your favorite JRock bands. Mine are The Pillows and AKFG.