AWC: Community Raffle Challenge #2 (Closed)

150 AWC Community Raffle 2 Challenge Welcome to the 2nd AWC Community Raffle A special event with nearly 1000 possible requirements and a couple of very lucky prizes All you have to do is reply to this thread and our Raffle Bot will draw you one raffle ticket at random on February 22nd 2020. You must then complete an anime for the corresponding requirement to earn the badge. All the details are below. Good luck 23 Alucard from Hellsing Badge designed by terakawa and Kondor Alucard was chosen by emptypacket who won the lucky ticket from AWCs 1st Community Raffle Rewards: Badge Lucky Ticket Prizes Note: This challenge does not award Challenge Points Lucky Ticket Status: Ticket 001 Pick the badge character for the next raffle Claimed Won by VioletTerror Ticket 002 Work with us to create your own official AWC Challenge Claimed Won by Acex187x Ticket 003 Pick a franchise studio or legend for a Collection Challenge Claimed Won by Laesina Ticket 004 Pick the theme for an upcoming Monthly Challenge Claimed Won by NeoXypher Ticket 005 Create a requirement for an upcoming Monthly Challenge Claimed Won by leuska Contributions are now closed The raffle includes anime watching requirements submitted by the AWC Community You can submit requirements via this form here: AWC Raffle Requirement Ideas Our challenge team will select the best contributions to include Each chosen contribution will be assigned a number between 001 and 999 which corresponds to raffle ticket numbers that will be drawn randomly by our bot on February 22nd 2020 Contributions will close on February 15th 2020 Please note that not all ideas may be included Reply to this thread The draw will begin on February 22nd 2020 Our bot will randomly draw your raffle ticket and reply to your entry You must watch an anime for the requirement that corresponds with your raffle ticket number For example if the raffle bot replies with Ticket 023 you must check the list below for Ticket 023 and complete the requirement Good luck Do NOT reply to this thread unless you intend to take part in the challenge Our bot will continue to randomly draw tickets for any new participants until all the tickets are gone You must watch an anime for the requirement that corresponds with your raffle ticket number You get ONE ticket. Deleting and recommenting wont change your ticket number You can swap your ticket ONCE with ONE other participant. If you get a bad ticket try swapping it in this thread on global or join us on the AWC Discord One fans trash is another fans treasure If you swap your ticket you must both include a link to each others entry AND both state that you have swapped tickets. If you do not do this the anime you watch may not be counted you may have to watch again based upon your original ticket number. You can rewatch anime for this challenge. You cannot use anime you started prior to receiving your raffle ticket. The challenge start date is considered the day you receive your raffle ticket. You cannot use anime with the format Music for this challenge unless otherwise stated You cannot use speed watching to complete this challenge. Your activity must include the start and end dates which can be added in the AniList List Editor Your profile must be set to public so we can verify your anime list and activity Time Limit You must submit your completed challenge by August 22nd 2020 23:59 UTC Please note challenge entries are limited to the remaining tickets. Status: Tickets are available. Post a reply in this thread and our bot will draw you one raffle ticket You can keep track of your progress through editing your entry here or update it when you are finished Please use the formatting we have provided for your challenge entry. You can edit it however you want as long as it includes the same information When you have completed the challenge please post a link to your final submission in the Challenge Submissions Thread Challenges must be submitted by August 22nd 2020 23:59 UTC Formatting for challenge submissions must include the following information: Ticket 000 Start: DD/MM Finish: DD/MM Challenge Requirement: Link with Anime Title Additional information Only submissions via the AniList forum will be accepted. This means submissions via Discord spreadsheets or other documents will not be reviewed. Click on each heading to view the requirements for each set of raffle tickets 80 75 75 75 75 75 75 75 75 75 Click on each heading to view the requirements for each set of raffle tickets All AWC Challenges Raffle Ideas Form AWC Discord AWC Profile About AWC FAQ Post Submission Thread Recruitment Thread Challenge Discussion Suggestions If you are having a difficult time finding an anime to fulfill a certain requirement please feel free to ask us on Discord ask in our Challenge Discussion Thread or ask a fellow AniList member for a recommendation.
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