AWC: Valentine's Challenge


Valentine’s Challenge

Welcome to AWC Special Valentine's Challenge! A two month long event where you'll partner up with someone, watch anime together and... possibly find true love?

Rinko Yamato and ??? from My Love Story
Badges designed by Kongroo, ???, and Kondor

Rewards: 1 Challenge Point & Badges

!!! Important Disclaimer !!!

Not being able to successfully complete the requirements means that the challenge will be failed by both members of the couple. Be very mindful before pairing up with someone and be sure to ascertain their availability to take part in this event.

  • You need a partner in order to participate
  • During the 1st Phase you'll gift an anime to your partner
  • After the 1st Phase ends it will be your partner's time to gift you an anime
  • Runtime: Each anime must be a minimum of 60 minutes
  • You must have completed the anime you're gifting
  • You have to rewatch the anime you're gifting for this challenge
  • You can gift a rewatch
    • Rewatches must be correctly logged on AniList to count
    • To log a rewatch, set an anime to rewatching and increment the episodes via the Anime In Progress panel on the AniList home page
    • An activity showing the episodes as rewatched will appear in your feed. For movies and anime with only 1 episode, the activity will show the anime as completed.

  • You can use any anime from other challenges as long as they allow sharing
  • You cannot use an anime you already started before entering this challenge

  • You cannot use speed watching to complete this challenge

    Speed watching is watching an anime at 2x speed / 3x speed, etc. This goes against the spirit of AWC challenges.

  • Your activity must include the start and end dates, which can be added in the AniList List Editor
  • Post a reply in this thread when you start the challenge with the code we have provided below only if you have a partner already
  • Your partner will have to post a comment on your reply with the code we have provided below
  • Reply to a comment only if you're already in agreement with the user
  • Your profile must be set to public so we can verify your anime list and activity

Time Limit

  • 1st Phase: February 14th 2020, 00:01 UTC — March 13th 2020, 23:59 UTC
  • 2nd Phase: March 14th 2020, 00:01 UTC — April 14th 2020, 23:59 UTC

Having trouble finding a partner?

Feel free to join us on Discord to look for others in the same situation as you! Alternatively, post a lovely invitation as your forum comment, that will indicate that you're looking for a partner, eventual candidates can feel free to leave a message on your profile so you can possibly further your intimacy.
As of the start of March we'll be handing out giri choco in form of anime recommendation to all the people who still had no luck in their quest for true love, and, when April comes, we'll be organizing "blind dates" to pair them up.
Paired users will recommend anime to each other. The challenge will be considered completed by having watched the giri choco anime and the blind date anime.

  • Once you find a partner, decide who will comment first and who will follow with the reply
  • Post a comment or reply to your partner’s comment in this thread when you start the challenge
  • Please use the code template we have provided for your challenge submission. You can edit it however you want as long as it includes the same information
  • You can keep track of your progress through editing your submission here, or update it when you are finished
  • When you and your partner both have fulfilled all of the requirements for a challenge, only the original poster to this thread will have to submit for both, to do so post a link to your final submission in the Challenge Submissions Thread

    You can get a link by clicking on the link icon on your forum reply. Post that web address as a comment to the challenge submissions thread. This makes it easier for reviewers instead of looking through multiple threads for submissions

  • Completed challenges must be submitted by April 14th 2020, 23:59 UTC

Formatting for challenge submissions must include the following information:

01a) Start: DD/MM Finish: DD/MM My Gift to User Link with Anime Title
02a) Start: DD/MM Finish: DD/MM User's Gift to me Link with Anime Title

My Gift: Link with Anime Title

01b) Start: DD/MM Finish: DD/MM User's Gift to me Link with Anime Title
02b) Start: DD/MM Finish: DD/MM My Gift to User Link with Anime Title

My Gift: Link with Anime Title

  • Only submissions via the AniList forum will be accepted. This means submissions via Discord, spreadsheets or other documents will not be reviewed.

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