Please help find this anime


I waa watching an anime about a year ago on a site couple mins into it and i had to leave, i forgot about it till now and i can not remember the name. Ive looked through soooooo much anime and several sites and can not find it. I can remember just a few details.

  1. Like the very first sceen a girl in pink is fighting a monster/beast that its drool burns her clothes of course exposing her boobs.
  2. A bounty hunter woman captures/rescues/takes a princess.
  3. I dont remember any guys except like gaurds at the castle.
  4. A bunch of female charcters that can fight.
  5. Its like medieval time.
  6. Not sure if characters have powers or are non human.
    Please help i would like to watch this again.
    And its not Murder Princess.
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