Yesterday wo Utatte - Seventh Episode

We started this episode with a pleasant surprise among our favorite protagonists. Nothing super impactful but its always good to see the two get along. Rikuo is a little more active and willing to bring changes to his professional life. In the sequence we have a focus on Rous relationship with Shinako just like Rikuo Rou tries to be more active however he directs this disposition towards his affection with Shinako. In this chapter we also see that the connection between Rikuo and Shinako continues to grow stronger. We have a little bit more of Rikuo and Haru it seems that so far they have developed a friendship that has been important for both sides. Im still shipping them Coming to the end we are shown what Shinako feels about the similarities that Rou has with Yukun deceased brother. To close this page Shinako is more sincere with Rikuo and tells what she is thinking about the delicate moment she has with Rou and him. Finally we can have an idea of what will happen in the next chapters and I hope that we will be given very dramatic moments because no one lives only on sweet bread. Guys the information I bring here is just the point of view of someone who has been following the series dont expect a very good review. Stay safe
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