Pro Wrestling Gear, Theme, Finisher (Anime Twist)

This is simple. Imagine you are a weeb pro wrestler. What would your ring gear be and what is it inspired by? What would be your wrestling theme? Whats the name of your finishing move? Why is it called that name? you can do this in any order btw Ill kick this off with me. Now my ring gear would be a pair of wrestling tights with one leg white the other black with a red jagged slash on it and its inspired by everyones favorite murder bear Monokuma from Danganronpa. Id throw in some barbed wire patterns cos i am a fan of hardcore wrestling My theme would be this because the game this track plays in was what got me into anime in the first place. And my finisher name would be the Zetsubou Driver because it sounds cool and Zetsubou in English translates to Despair in English so it would be also called the Despair Driver which sounds awesome in itself but also powerful. Ill let you have fun
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