Boys vs Girls v2 [Forum Game]

ShuCH This is continuation of the old forum thread starting with round 11 but with some changes Every Round will start at 500 by me Boys : count till 1000 Girls : count till 0 mention me in the thread or post a message to my profile when the number is reached 0 or 1000 please check the number in the previous reply properly before replying to thread Old score Boys 4 Girls 6 Rounds Completed 10 Always Reply as a new comment Back to Back replies are not allowed wait for at least one reply Correct Example : Replying to the thread more than 10 times per day by any user is not allowed it spams the thread i.e. you can reply 10 times to this thread in a day for discussions you can reply as many no. of times If you have questions or didnt understand rules you can ask me on my profile or discord xD : 4 Girls : 11 Ongoing Round : 16th Thread contents : ShuCH Banner : Reoken Edited : 29.06.2021 Disclaimer : This is just the game and we cant guarantee your privacy play at your own risk.
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