I like Spoilers, who can relate


When friend recommend me anime , i always look out for spoilers on the internet.
I can only decide if i want to watch a show when there is a major plot point i can look forward too.
How about you ,pls reply and tell me

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i love spoilers.. a mean sometimes i prefer not to know but usually i need to know how its gonna end, one example in the romantic animes, i always want to know if in the end they will kiss or not, cause the kiss for me its a really important thing in this types of anime..


You're right, i love anime with kiss scenes too, but sometimes i look on Forums if there is a kiss or a developing relationship.


@DuschFags i never saw in te forum the animes that im currently watching so i skip that step and look for pictures or something ahaha.

@Leru well even if the main end up with a character that i hate, i won't stop watching i just don't enjoy as much haha


Yea pictures often show the kissing scenes, Google best friend someone can have


I´m the same as you! hahaha, and not only that, if the main characters ends with the one I don´t like I use to leave it right there, I guess its a bad habit xD


I do that too, but i think thats the freedom of anime, you can always drop a show and people wont even know that you watched it in the first place


It´s true, if later you regret your decision you can always restart it and if not we will always lean on fanfics ewe


If i drop a series i put it on a side stash for later days when i dont have anything to watch


I hate spoilers.


@Hula look there are people like you.


I never said I liked spoilers. I simply dont care whether someone spoils something for me.


Depends. Some spoilers about things that are well written can actually enhance how much I like something because I'll be looking for clues leading to that. Spoilers for the 'shocking twist' type of writing mostly make me like something less because the shock is the only good part of it.


Well you must be a really special person, because every people I come across with hates spoilers. Plus who doesn't? it kills the tension, ruins the possible surprises you can have while watching a show, and your overall experience of the show can be affected heavily.



Thanks for the reply mastergold, i know that people hate it to see spoilers and i dont want you to think i spoil people and try to defend myself by saying that i like seeing spoilers, i dont spoil others. But i thought that its really weird that there isn't even a hand full of people who feel the same about spoilers


It's cool! I don't see you that way and perfectly understand your reasons, but I personally think that a show should be experienced rather than told.



Thanks man


Spoilers generally suck. That is all. No elaborate argument. Only occasionally in large scale stories do they sorta provide something to look forward to. Even then, eh.




Exactly, thanks for the reply


No you don't.


Don't i


Eh, they have their place. Sometimes they can be a draw, and when you know they're coming, you can be on the lookout for dramatic irony.

Other times, not really. Going into things completely blind is also something I enjoy because that way, anything that happens catches you off guard. I immensely enjoyed Madoka, but maybe wouldn't have had I known of its reputation beforehand and had my expectations set high. I knew nothing about Mysterious Girlfriend X when I started it, and that first episode caught me so off guard in a way that wouldn't have had I known the premise.

So there are pros and cons, really.


Thanks man, agree with you


Well... It's not that I like them, it's just... I guess I've perfected my resistance to them. So I don't mind them at all.


Yeah, maybe its my own kind of fetish haha jk

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so you don't actually like spoilers, you just don't know the show has that aspect you like unless you've already seen it or had it spoiled for you


Well you're kinda right, but even if i started watching a series, a Film etc. It doesn't really matter if someone spoils something. And your right, maybe its not the the spoilers , its more the emotions i precieve from the person talking about a twist /drama point that i like. But don't worry i wont spoil anything because i know that people dont like it


I you consider Promotion Videos (previews, trailer..etc) for the series a spoiler then yes

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I like art more than words.


Just the opposite. If a major plot point is spoiled, I will never look the title again.


I-It's n-not like I like them or anything!! It's just that I can't help spoiling myself by accident...


Ohh you didn't just do that, nice