Ban The User Above (game)

First of all before I explain how this game works Josh and other Anilist mods please dont actually ban anyone because this is just a game. Now that Ive said that lets continue. How to Play: This game is really simple. You just have to ban the user who commented before you. You have to list a reason why youre banning them. It can be any reason. Please reply directly to this thread so this thread will look clean as much as possible. You can mention the user youre banning if you want but its not really needed Anilist Guidelines apply to this thread. Example: Sakura: Hi guys. Eren: Banned for saying hi. Saitama: Banned for turning into a titan. Goku: Banned for defeating villains in one punch. Sakura: Banned for your hair turning yellow when you go Super Saiyan Natsu: Banned for being useless. Korosensei: Banned for destroying places you go to. So to get this game started the person who comments first on this thread should ban me and tell me why Im banned xD So lets start
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