Kamuy (Android app)


Hello, for the last few months, I've been working on a new app to manage my collections of anime and manga for multiple databases (I have my lists in AniList and the competition as well).

With the current version, basic features like add/remove series, change the status, rate a series and set your progression are implemented.
More advanced features will be implemented later.

To download the app, you can go on my page, amazon store or blog.

If you are interested in the app, you'll need to know that jellybean (android 4.1) or higher is required and that it's free with ads.

Below are a few screenshots of the app.



  • Migrated to AndroidX.
  • Update Cloudflare.
  • New settings and about.


  • Loading anime/manga library has been fixed.


  • UI updates.
  • Build with R8.


  • Genres added in some lists.
  • Fast scroll added in anime/manga libraries when ordered by name.


  • Seasonal anime: open by default the current season. You can navigate to the next/previous season or select a specific season.
  • Seasonal anime: you can filter the list by status (not in your list, watching, ...).
  • More stats.


  • Use an external browser instead of the internal webview to login.


  • New option to filter and sort the library.


  • +1 button in the library.
  • Library updated: press an item to open the detail, long press to open the menu.
  • Some minor UI updates.


  • Loading the libraries was crashing on AniList if the score system was set to `10.0 Point´.


  • Target android Oreo.
  • Round and adaptive icons.


  • Migration to AniList API v2.
  • Related anime/manga added.
  • Faster library loading after an update.
  • Some improvements in the library lists: progress bar to show the progression. Option to sort the list.
  • Series detail page: press the thumbnail to open it in a popup to show a bigger version. Long press to play the promo video. The UI of the edit dialog has been updated.
  • Press the avatar in the menu to open the profile.


  • New actions in the list: set watch/read, set status and set rating.
  • App themes improved.
  • New actions in the detail page: copy title, alternative titles, url, image url.


  • Tap the series' alternate names to copy it to the clipboard.
  • Top, new, recommentations, ... list: show the status in the library.


  • Rewatched/reread added.


  • Add/remove favourite.
  • Search: ordered by name.
  • Fix some bugs: pickers, crash in the search, some RTL layout problems.


  • List of characters (anime and manga).
  • Shows more information.
  • Add an anime or manga with the status Private automatically (All or by genres).
  • Minor UI improvements.


  • Logout will clean the username/password/tokens of the current database, switch to another one if possible or open the sign in screen.
  • Sign in let you sign in to another database.
  • Quick switch, no need to logout/sign in to select another database.
  • Show private indicator in your libraries.
  • UI change in the detail screen.
  • Changelog added in the About screen.


  • When the status is set to Completed, the number of episodes watched or chapters/volumes read is set to the total.
  • Show the user name and avatar in the menu.
  • Remove series from the libraries by status.
  • Update the start/finish, note and private flag.


  • Better cover quality in detail page and big grid list.
  • Update the start date when the status is set to watching/reading, the finish date when the status is set to completed and reset the dates when set to plan to read/watch.
  • UI improvements: tab icons, open the latest opened tab by default, ... .
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