[User Feedback] Clarifying what recaps are allowed and the inclusion of recuts into the AniList database.

Hello Everyone It was recently brought up internally that some of our moderators wanted to add a handful of entries to the site or didnt think we should be rejecting them. One such example is the TV recut of the movie trilogy Wave Surfing Yappe. Due to how allowing the TV recut of the movies to be on the site would be an expansion of what we allow on the site it was discussed different ways that we might be able to modify the rules on this and other potential entries that might fit within the same framework. We felt it would also be a good idea to publish this for the sake of getting feedback on holes in the logic and hopefully improve the new rules before they go live. What I am looking for in this thread is hopefully people are able to point out examples of titles we will still be excluding from the site that they either want to exclude or want to include or titles that we will now be making eligible for entry on the site again whether they want to actually include them or if they would rather exclude them. I cant promise that every complaint will be feasible to address and I cant promise that the guidelines will not be further locked down in the future but I am hoping this can help solidify them a bit than if the mods were the only ones to discuss them. So with that out of the way we are looking to change: https://submissionmanual.anilist.co/criteria.htmlrecaps The Recaps section will be read as follows: Recaps are only to be added if they are a recap movie from a TV/OVA/ONA series. Warning: the same warning that is already there Other than the aforementioned format change recaps are also accepted under the condition that they are intended as part of the series total episode count. Examples Example 1: the same example that is already there. A new section will be added titled Recuts: Recuts Database Criteria Recuts are defined as alternatively cut anime for example a director cut of an anime. Recuts are only to be added if a sufficient amount of new material is added to the works. A sufficient amount of new material will be generally defined as any of the following: A movie that has an additional 10 minutes of runtime For a series with episodes that are 15 minutes long at least 50 of its episodes must have at least 2 minutes of extra content. For a series with episodes that are between 15 and 5 minutes long at least 50 of its episodes must have at least 1 minute of extra content. For a series with episodes that are Warning: Early screenings are not permitted even if they splice multiple episodes together. Warning: An English release splicing/combining episodes together does not justify adding the English release to AniList. Warning: Extra content needs to be more than just continued panning over stills or other generic content that may contribute to an extended runtime. Examples Example 1: Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni and Kono Sekai no Sara ni Ikutsumono Katasumi ni. There is an additional 30 minutes of extra content added to the Sara ni Ikutsumono movie. This is justification for it to be added to AniList Example 2: Wave Surfing Yappe and the Wave TV series. Given that they have different OP/EDs and that the movies do not appear to simply be prescreenings both versions are permitted on AniList. Example 3: Haruhi 2006 and Haruhi 2009. Haruhi 2009 was a release of 28 episodes of anime 14 of them being new and 14 of them being released in 2006. The 2009 release not only credits the 28 episodes as a continuous run of episodes 128 but future releases have typically followed this as well. There has been some discussion about tying the amount of new content instead to of total runtime or of episode length instead of a hard value for a given episode duration. This is something in particular I am hoping to maybe have examples given that might help iron this out. Thank you everyone for reading this and I look forward to your help in this matter
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