AniList Data Moderator Applications 2021

1300 AniList is looking to recruit talented new data moderators to join the team. This is a volunteer role for community members looking to give back to the site. The responsibilities for the role include: Reviewing data submissions made by users Submitting new anime and manga as they are announced Populating characters and staff to increase AniLists breadth of data This is a serious time commitment but is very rewarding Eligibility Criteria All applicants must meet the following criteria to have their application be considered: Must be 16 or older at the time of applying Must have a Discord account that is actively used it is our primary means of communication Must have made 10 accepted or partially accepted submissions meeting the eligibility criteria Submission Criteria This time around we will be requiring a minimum of 10 accepted or partially accepted submissions to qualify. If youve never made a submission dont fret You can get started by reading over our Submission Manual Character and image submissions will not be counted. Adding new anime/manga as well as editing existing entries counts toward the submission count. We value quality over quantity. Having made highquality submissions will improve your chances of being selected. To verify how many of your submissions have been accepted you can head over to the Submissions tab on your profile. If you have any questions about the data mod role or the application process feel free to ask in the thread below or DM me on Discord: matchai0001. No longer accepting applicants Deadline: April 10 2021 11:59pm UTC
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