While I absolutely love Taiga (thanks for your hard work!) I found one issue that I can't find a solution for.

I'm trying to set up torrenting. I've set Taiga to download anime to a certain folder (which is also my library folder)
and ordered her it to create subfolders for each downloaded anime, like this:

Now the problem is, this download folder is never set in the torrent program.
Aside from tixati (which isn't listed in the supported list I know),
I also tried deluge and Transmission + Remote, and neither of those
sets the download folder to the one set in Taiga settings.
The anime folders do get created though, but obviously they stay empty..

With deluge I saw an option to "move the files to folder x after downloading" but that isn't automatically set either.


what torrent software are you using?

edit: for me its working, but im using qbittorrent


I'll try that one then, thanks! Looking through the code, it seems like qbittorrent is the least "hackery" option on windows.
Both Transmission and deluge rely on console programs, maybe the issue was that the filetype was associated with the gui executable, not the console one. But since my favourite one, tixati, doesn't work yet anyway, I'll try out qbittorrent! Thanks for your input!

//edit: can confirm, it works perfectly with qbit :)