Could you have it work with custom anime lists? I have a few plan to watch anime that I keep in a separate list for example (sequels), and those don't show up in taiga at all.
It would still be fine even if they all were in the planning section without distinctions.


"For now, I don't plan on implementing service-specific features (e.g. custom lists for AniList, media reactions for Kitsu). But I'll reconsider in future versions of Taiga."

Source: https://github.com/erengy/taiga/issues/590


As I said it would be fine if they showed up under their normal list.


according to @erengy they should show up in your ptw even if they are part of a custom list tho


They most definitely do not, unless it’s because I hide them on the original lists and have them only show up in my customs.


See my last post at erengy/taiga#590. You can try the latest build to see if it fixes your issue.