Hi, I'm encountering a problem similar to one of the first problems on this forum. I'm getting the "Anilist returned an error: Internal Server Error" problem. However the fix to that seemed to be because an email address was used, not a username. I'm using my user name and it's still happening.

I recently imported my anime over from MAL to anilist, switched services over to anilist and authorized my account. It synced and successfully downloaded my anime list. The problem starts when i have finished watching an episode and update the episode count on taiga, it queues it up and returns the error "Anilist returned an error: Internal Server Error" and does not update.

However i can get it to update on the anilist site, but not on taiga, using taiga by doing the following.

  • Delete everything in the history
  • sync
  • update episode count on taiga by clicking the +1 episode

This will update my anilist profile once. For example if i click the + twice, it will only update the first episode, or if i update two different anime episode counts, only the first one i did will be updated on anilst. However it does not update on taiga and still stays in the queue. So to update a second episode i have to delete the history, sync and +1 again.

I think i have done something wrong and not sure how to get it working properly.


Hi there. This is actually a problem with AniList itself, which is why you're getting an Internal Server Error. I recently figured out the cause and reported it, though it hasn't been fixed yet. See this page for more information. Downloading the latest build should solve your problem.


Thank you. It's working now. The latest build did fix the problem, although I was sure I was already on it as I re-downloaded taiga before switching everything over to anilist. But I did it again and it seems to be all good now.