The Promised Neverland's Discussion [Spoilers Warning]


This thread is created for the manga,The Promised Neverland. Feel free to pour all your emotions, opinions, speculations here. This is a discussion so of course there will be ton of spoilers. If you haven't caught up to the manga, I suggest you do so before reading any further. Now that's out of the way, let's get this thing started! :D

More people should be reading The Promised Neverland ! It is seriously good! Survival, dystopia, psychological, demons, character's growth, original plot! Man, what more can we ask for, right?

Here are some starter questions I have for fellow fans:

  1. Top favorite characters?
  2. How do you feel about kids as the main characters in a survival horror like this?
  3. Which part of the story shocked you the most?
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  • My favorite character would be Norman. He's smart, calm, caring, and brave older brother type. He was the glue among the trio. I was so upset about what happened to him... I didn't see that one coming at all! Even so, my hope was renewed with the events of the recent arc. There is still a chance that he'll come back.

    We technically didn't see him died sooooo...-

  • I love kids in survival horror! It reminds me of Bio:Meat Nectar. Love, love, love that series. I feel connect them more and it is always harder to see a kid dying compared to an adult or teen. Plus, they are so cute and adorable. It breaks my heart when they get hurt.
  • Aside from Norman's arc, I think finding out the truth about the real world in which these kids are living in shocked me the most. Like them, I thought something happened and the demons took over our world. Then again, everything about this manga is shocking - and that's a good thing! Very good thing indeed.

Chapter 69 -

OMG!!! For a second I thought Norman or Minerva was going to walk into the room!! The whole hunting ground village thing is so messed up. But it got me thinking, maybe like the farms, there are multiple private hunting grounds in this world. Maybe Norman was kidnapped and place into one!

<--my wishful thinking anyway. But what do you guys think?!~~~


I though Violet was Norman, lol


Chapter 74

OMG! YES!!!!!! I knew it! I knew it! The author didn't disappoint TT-TT Normannnnnnn <3


It was pretty obvious from the start.


Please, tell me that he isn't Adam.


He isn't.


To answer your introduction questions first:

  1. Emma and Musica (for now)
  2. I think it is an interesting concept, but to be honest as it goes for the grace field cattle children most of them (or at least the premium one's) have probably a higher intellect as our average adult from such series (at least). So, that might mainly be the reason why I think this concept works as it does (for now).
  3. The low quality meat farms. How the people there are held. The aspect that they have to die as soon as they get disconnected from the nurturing machines, but also that 'our friends' got rid of exactly the one shown farm aka how they are getting rid of these farms in general (probably).

Chapter 131 - discussion

I'm quite curious of what lies behind 'the door' and also to learn more about the bloodline of musica ('s family). Also I can't wait to understand the name of the things/people/monsters which lie behind 'the door'. The scribble which represents their name is something which I don't like in particular. What do you think? Any suggestions? I wonder what's going to happen next...


Chapter 311? Hopefully you mean 131 xd


@Sweetener Hahaha, thanks! What a typo! (I corrected it now.)
I guess that might have been my subconsciousness' wishful thinking. x3