Shukofukurou - Native Mac/iOS App for AniList


Shukofukurou is a native multi service Anime and Manga Library management application for macOS and iOS that supports AniList, which allows you to manage your libraries easily from your Mac, iPhone or iPad. You can search and view title information, add new titles, import lists from different services and more.

macOS Version


iOS Version

We are open source and our Github repo can be viewed here (Mac Version) and here (iOS Version).

Support our Project

If you want to support this project, check out our donation page or support us on Patreon to find out how. For automatic list update feature based on what you are watching, check out Hachidori.

Shukofukurou for iOS will become free once we reach our Patreon goal of $10 or more a month for at least three months or more.


Download Mac Version

If you want to support our development of this App, you can download the full version with donor-exclusive features on the Mac App Store
Download on the Mac App Store
Download iOS Version on the App Store

Mac: Current Version is 3.2.5 and requires macOS 10.11 El Capitan or later.
iOS: Current version is 1.2 and requires iOS 11.4 or later.

Want to test the next version of Shukofukurou?

Note that some features like Manga List management, Profile and Character browser is reserved for people who donated to the project as a way to thank the user for supporting the project. The iOS version is paid app ($2.99) to cover distribution costs, but you may compile your own version for free by obtaining the source code (Note: Free Apple Developer accounts can only run the app on your iOS device for 7 days before you need to recompile it, unless you have a paid Apple Developer Account.). These are features that are time consuming to implement. Moreover, the Apple Developer's Program is required to distribute applications such as code signing the application so it won't cause issues with GateKeeper and distributing the app on the iOS App Store. This costs $99 a year including tax and it's not free, even if you distribute open source application. Without the program, I won't be able to continue developing the application since there is no way to distribute it.

Official beta builds through TestFlight are only available for active patrons and people who downloaded the App. To request access, become an active patron and there should be an invite link. Note that you must maintain an active pledge.

These restrictions only apply to the official binary and not the source code, which is free as in freedom. You are free to compile from source if you want these features for free since it's open source. Note that you need to provide the OAuth client id and secret before compiling the application. Otherwise, authorization won't work. Also, you will be responsible for compiling the updates as well. If you find this difficult, just use the official version.

Current Features (AniList)

  • Anime and Manga List Management with Custom List support and ability to edit notes, reconsume count, privacy and start/end dates.
  • Ability to Search for titles and view Information on Anime and Manga
  • You can search for Characters and Staff when you use AniList as an active service (Standard on iOS, Donors only on the Mac version)
  • Season and Airing Browser
  • Ability to view character, cast and staff information from a title
  • Read reviews on a title
  • Import Lists from MyAnimeList, AniDB and Kitsu (Mac version only)
  • Export lists to MyAnimeList XML (Mac version only)
  • View List Statistics
  • View Profiles and Lists from other users. (Mac version only)
  • Trending Section
  • Airing Notifications Mac version, donors only, standard on iOS)
  • Light and Dark Mode Support

Coming Soon

  • Ability to read user notifications
  • List Syncing (Donors only, standard on iOS)