2nd Alpha already? This release adds enhanced social features (Discord Rich Presence support and Tweet on Scrobble) along with a Torrent Browser/Torrent Auto download for people who donated. This feature is only for donors since I want to promote legal alternatives and it took a good amount of time to implement.

You can update to this release by checking for updates. Change log is below.

New Features

  • Add Discord Rich Presence support
  • Add ability to tweet on scrobble
  • Add torrent browser and ability to download torrents automatically (Donors only)

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

  • Fixed updating of Status for Kitsu and AniList
  • View Title Information and Share items will show the correct URL according to the current service
  • Replace most of the toolbar icons, most coming from Icons8

From the previous release

New Features

  • Add support for AniList
  • Add support for Anime Relations, replaces Auto Exceptions for zero episodes, split-cours and abnormal episode numberings.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

  • Auto Exceptions renamed to Auto Title Correction
  • Improve Auto Title Correction for titles that have a season number
  • Improve Title Recognition

Known Issues

  • MAL Sync is broken due to API disablement. Also, not yet implemented for AniList.