Hachidori 3.0 Alpha 7 is now released with automatic Start and Finish date setting as you start and complete an Anime series. This release also improves title recognition for AniList.

You can update to this build by checking for updates.

New Features

  • Hachidori will now set start and end dates automatically

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Improve title recognition for AniList
  • Add input validation for Status Update and check the status of an anime if it’s airing or completed before making the update.

Having an issue with login/authorization for Hachidori and Shukofukurou. I login and authorize with my account and get a message confirming I'm logged in but it's not detected as logged in on the main window. Is there a setting I need to change to use AniList as opposed to Kitsu?


I have seen this question before. To use AniList, you need to select it from the Services menu.


Wasn't looking hard enough, cheers.