We have gone gold. The change log is below.

Hachidori requires macOS 10.11 El Capitan or later. Compatible with macOS Mojave Beta.

If you are using macOS Mojave Betas, note that when you scrobble a title, the program will prompt for Automation. Choose Allow so Hachidori’s functionality will work. Not allowing it will cause Hachidori being unable to detect anything from your web browser or VLC.

If you mess up, run this command. It will reset Automation permissions, allowing to reauthorize the app.

tccutil reset AppleEvents

New Features

  • macOS Mojave Support
  • Add support for AniList
  • Add support for Anime Relations, replaces Auto Exceptions for zero episodes, split-cours and abnormal episode numberings.
  • Add Discord Rich Presence support
  • Add ability to tweet on scrobble
  • Add torrent browser and ability to download torrents automatically (Donors only)
  • Hachidori will now set start and end dates automatically
  • Asiancrush stream detection support
  • Allow MAL Updater OS X Donation Licenses to be accepted (New Format)

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

  • Auto Exceptions renamed to Auto Title Correction
  • Improve Auto Title Correction for titles that have a season number
  • Improve Title Recognition
  • Replace most of the toolbar icons, most coming from Icons8
  • The prompt to ask a user to move Hachidori to the Applications folder is now back.
  • Fix crash when a user tries to correct a title.
  • Add support for new license format for donation licenses
  • Fix crash when a user haven't set a profile name in Kitsu. Use the display name first instead.
  • Add support for logging into Kitsu using E-Mail addresses.
  • Attempt to fix Wakanim stream detection
  • Improve title recognition stability
  • Improve Plex Media Server detection.
  • Removed MAL Sync feature (Due to MAL API long downtime). MyAnimeList support will be added back if the API ever returns.
  • Add input validation for Status Update and check the status of an anime if it's airing or completed before making the update.
  • Add end date to the additional information section, if available.

@josh If you have the chance, feel free to add this app to the Apps page.