[Locked] Build-A-Default-Avatar [Summer 2018 Official Contest]


Howdy AniFriends!

In preparation of the release of our first ever official merch, we're giving away the choice of an AniList shirt or tank-top to two lucky users.

Modify the appearance of Default-Avatar-chan in any way you choose! Even something simple like a re-coloring or adding accessories is fine!

Submissions from this contest may be used as future default avatars around the site.

Judgment Criteria

Quality: One winning entry will be selected by the AniList staff. Community likes will help surface the highest-quality entries, so be sure to your favorites!

Luck: One winning entry will be selected randomly. All avatar submitters have an equal opportunity to be chosen for this raffle.

Entry Requirements

  • We will only be counting one entry per user for the Luck criterion, but you are free to submit multiple entries if you are aiming for the Quality criterion
  • Submissions must have the same resolution as the original (500 x 500)
  • Submissions must be transparent and can't be given a background
  • Nested comments will not be counted as entries; only direct comments to this thread will be counted.


Submissions will be accepted until Sunday, July 17th (11:59PM EST / Monday, July 18th 3:59AM GMT)
The deadline has passed. Submissions are now closed

Original Default-Avatar-chan

(Pls don't lewd default-chan)


The mods are now deliberating on a winner for the quality criterion. Updates coming in the next few days!